Learn All About Black Clover’s Asta Workout Routine | Height, Weight, Body Measurements


Asta Workout Routine: Train Like Asta From “Black Clover” Asta is an anime character who is best known for being the main protagonist in the anime series “Black Clover.” Asta, like any other anime character, began as a weak and miserable character who later grew to be the most important. Aside from the abilities, Asta’s … Read more

Nozel Silva Bio, Age, Power, Abilities, Relationship

Nozel Silva

Nozel Silva is a nobleman and the first son of House Silva, one of the Clover Kingdom’s royal families. He is also the captain of the Magic Knights’ Silver Eagle squad and a member of the Royal Knights. Personality Nozel, like the rest of House Silva, is a conceited man who believes he is superior … Read more

Augustus Kira Clover Bio, Personality, Power, Voice Actor

Augustus Kira Clover

Who is Augustus Kira Clover? Augustus Kira Clover is the current King of Clover Kingdom. However, following the events of the Cult of the End’s attack, he was demoted to a figurehead. Voice Actor of Augustus Kira Clover The Japanese voice actor, Jun MIYAMOTO contributed his voice to Augustus Kira Clover in Black Clover. Appearance … Read more

Finesse Calmreich Bio, Voice Actor, Personality, Abilities

Finesse Calmreich

Who is Finesse Calmreich? Finesse Calmreich is a noblewoman of House Kira, one of the Clover Kingdom’s royal families, and is betrothed to Langris Vaude, the next head of House Vaude. Voice Actor of Finesse Calmreich The Japanese voice actor, Eri AKIYAMA contributed his voice to Finesse Calmreich in Black Clover whereas  Amanda LEE has … Read more