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Nozel Silva is a nobleman and the first son of House Silva, one of the Clover Kingdom’s royal families. He is also the captain of the Magic Knights’ Silver Eagle squad and a member of the Royal Knights.


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Nozel, like the rest of House Silva, is a conceited man who believes he is superior to others. Despite his contempt for peasants and commoners, he takes his role as a Magic Knight seriously and holds himself and his siblings to a high standard.

When Solid disparages House Vermillion after Fuegoleon is seriously injured, Nozel counters that they, House Silva, are worse because they were not present at all during the battle.

Nozel Silva
Nozel Silva ( Source: Pinterest)

Despite his arrogant nature, Nozel shows signs of caring for and respecting those who are close to him. After being injured, he declares that he will avenge Fuegoleon,[8] and later mocks Fana’s magic, implying that Fuegoleon’s flames were far superior to hers.

When Nozel is irritated, he can be surprisingly belligerent, despite his lack of emotion. He openly despises Yami and insults him on several occasions. When they argue about how he styles his hair, he threatens Yami and Asta. When Rill does a Fuegoleon impression at the captain’s meeting to lighten the mood, Nozel is one of the captains who angrily tells him to stop right away.

Nozel is not openly affectionate with any of his siblings, but he has a special dislike for Noelle, whom he blames for their mother’s death. This is, however, to disguise his fear of losing her, who resembles their mother so closely, and after witnessing Noelle’s strength and development, he apologizes to her.


Nozel Silva is a slim, fair-skinned man with small brows and narrow purple eyes. Other characters occasionally comment on his pale, silver-white hair, which he wears in a very distinctive style. He wears his hair long and straight in the back, but it’s heavily styled and swept back into a long spiky fringe on the top and upper sides.

His long bangs are braided and hang between his eyes and down to the tip of his nose, where he wears a small House Silva pendant.

Nozel dresses in the same way as his siblings, in a loose-fitting shirt with a high collar that is closed at the top by a gold band but left open below to reveal his collarbone. He also wears flimsy sandals and loose pants with tight bands just below the knee. In addition, Nozel is dressed in the Silver Eagles’ traditional robe.

The robe is made up of a short fur mantle and longer frilled panels that hang down to the elbow. Their squad insignia, like that of other squads, is worn on the left side of their robes. Nozel’s mantle also has a robe attached to it that reaches almost to his feet. On his left hip, he has his grimoire case.

Nozel wears a squad robe that resembles pairs of feathered wings, two in the front and two in the back, six months after the elves’ attack.


House Silva’s first son, Nozel, was born. Nozel and Fuegoleon Vermillion grow up together as children and develop a rivalry. Nozel keeps the secret of their mother’s curse hidden from his younger siblings after his mother gives birth to Noelle and then dies.

Nozel joins the Silver Eagle squad after receiving his grimoire and, like his mother, eventually becomes the captain. Nozel and the other Magic Knight Captains observe and judge who they want to add to their squad at the annual Magic Knights Entrance Exam.

When Yuno appears in front of them after the exams, all of the captains, including Nozel, express their desire for him by raising their hands, but Yuno chooses to join the Golden Dawn.

Nozel is present as captain of Silver Eagle at a War Merits Conferment Ceremony with the Magic Emperor a few weeks later, along with Nebra and Solid, who are being promoted. Nozel goes so far as to try to expel Noelle from the venue while her own siblings are publicly humiliating her. When Asta notices what is happening in front of his eyes, he grabs Noelle’s arm and tries to stop her from leaving.

He then climbs to the top of one of the tables and declares that he will defeat them all. When a fight breaks out, Asta manages to hold his own against Solid. When Nozel notices his younger brother’s embarrassing behavior, he intervenes by releasing his magical power.

Fortunately, Fuegoleon, the captain of the Crimson Lion squad, intervenes and points out House Silva’s heinous attack on a boy. Nozel reacts angrily to Fuegoleon’s remarks, giving him a condescending remark, resulting in a brief confrontation between the captains.

The announcement that the Royal Capital is under attack interrupts their standoff. After assessing the situation, Fuegoleon directs Nozel, Nebra, and Solid to the central section, which contains the most mana.

The siblings take off in Solid’s water eagle[20], and when they arrive at the battleground, Nozel is greeted with cheers as he orders the citizens to rally behind him. The Silver Eagles vow to defeat the corpses, and Nozel showers them with Silver Rain, accusing them of attacking the citizens.

Nozel is suspicious of the weak assault and suspects it was a diversion after they defeat the enemies. A Spatial Magic spell suddenly activates, and the Knights’ groups are teleported far away from the city.

They manage to return relatively quickly thanks to their combined efforts, and Nozel unleashes his Silver Rain on the enemies, only to be surprised when the enemy absorbs the properties of his attack using a dark magic tool.

As the assailants flee, they take Asta with them, prompting Noelle to propose a rescue mission for her squadmate. The other Knights, on the other hand, reject it right away, with Nozel deciding to focus his resources on securing the Royal Capital’s defenses.

Solid begins to mock Fuegoleon’s defeat, but Nozel interrupts him, claiming that they are even less than him for not even attending the fight. After a meeting with Julius Novachrono, Nozel is furious with himself for allowing Fuegoleon to die. As he recalls his past with Fuegoleon, he declares that he will track down the person responsible for Fuegoleon’s death and bury them himself.

Nozel Silva
Nozel Silva ( Source: Pinterest)

Yami Sukehiro is saved by Nozel, Jack the Ripper, and Charlotte Roselei from the combined attack of Rhya, Vetto, and Fana. Nozel and Yami trade insults after Yami complains about their arrival. When Yami and Asta criticize Nozel, he threatens to deal with them first. Asta then tries to join the fight, but Nozel tells her that she wouldn’t be able to help because she lacks magical abilities.

Nozel attacks Licht, but the Silver Spear is blocked by Fana. He creates multiple spears and boasts about the strength of his mercury, having trained against Fuegoleon’s Fire Magic, as he squares off against Fana and Salamander.

Nozel, like the others, is taken aback when Asta emerges unscathed from the battlefield and hits Licht. The Third Eye surround and seal their leader when Licht’s magic overflows due to Asta’s sword removing the seal, surprising Nozel with the feat.

Nozel attends a Magic Knights captains’ meeting. He expresses his displeasure with Jack and Yami’s squabbles. The table falls silent when Rill Boismortier mentions Fuegoleon’s absence, but when he tries to imitate the Crimson Lion captain, Nozel and Jack threaten him. Nozel wonders why William Vangeance was also absent from the decoration ceremony after his late arrival.

They go to the dungeon after Marx Francois contacts them and wait for George and Catherine to reveal the traitor’s name.

When Gueldre Poizot tries to flee, he uses Invisible Soldiers to attack the other captains. Nozel uses Mercury Magic to defend, grabbing chunks of the stone floor and ceiling to hit Gueldre with. Rill, on the other hand, restrains Gueldre before the other captains destroy too much of the structure, but Nozel explains that they would have had the lower rank knights repair it. Julius orders the captains to search their own squads for more traitors after viewing some of Gueldre’s memories, but not to make the information public.

Nozel discovers that the Eye of the Midnight Sun’s base is the Gravito Rock Zone’s floating dungeon after some time has passed.

Nozel and the other Magic Knight captains attend the Star Awards Festival at Julius’ request. He quietly resents Golden Dawn for winning, but is visibly taken aback when Black Bull comes in second. Nozel stands silently as Yuno and Asta take to the stage and demonstrate their strength.

Following the ceremony, Yami greets the other captains and boasts about his squad’s superior placement, prompting Nozel to threaten him. The other captains then leave, refusing to join Yami in her celebrations.

Augustus Kira Clover XIII chooses Nozel to join the Royal Knights a few weeks later.

Nozel orders Siren to make a model of the dungeon after the squad arrives at Eye of the Midnight Sun’s base, and Mereoleona Vermillion explains the situation and divides the squad into teams. With Siren, En Ringard, and Nils Ragus, Nozel infiltrates the dungeon.

When they are attacked by three mages, Nozel dashes past them and defeats them with a wave of Silver Spears, declaring that he will avenge Fuegoleon by taking Licht’s head. Nozel defends against traps while attacking his enemies as he progresses deeper into the cave.

After being possessed by elf spirits, Nils and Siren turn on Nozel and En, who flee behind a smokescreen. Outside the dungeon, they reassemble with the other Royal Knights. Nozel creates a healing environment for the injured.

When Nozel learns that the kingdom is being overrun by elves, he declares that they must save the kingdom, even if it means killing their fellow Magic Knights. Noelle, on the other hand, suggests that they might be able to save their possessed comrades. The other Knights agree, and Nozel accepts in silence, building a ship to transport them back to their homeland.

Nozel refuses to stop to defend Hage as they pass through the Forsaken Realm, preferring to focus on the Royal Capital. He lets Asta and Yuno go, but he refuses to let Noelle join them. Nozel transforms the ship into a mercury eagle on the way, and the group arrives at Clover Castle just before the dungeon.

The Magic Knights split up and headed to various parts of the castle, with Nozel, Noelle, and Zora defending House Silva’s section. Nozel is disgusted by the bodies littering the place once inside, so he lets Zora go off on his own. An elf attacks Nozel and Noelle, but Nozel easily defends himself and knocks out the possessed Knight, reprimanding the elf for losing his cool. The strongest presence, he notices, is in Solid’s bedroom.

Nozel slams the window shut and protects his younger brother from the compass needles. Nozel is surprised when Noelle responds with a Sea Dragon’s Roar directed at the elf. Because the spell is deflected out of the tower, Nebra takes advantage of the opportunity to hide their escape. The elf, refusing to let them flee, uses Another Atlas to disrupt the mana in the room, causing Nozel’s shields to dissolve.

However, when the elf attacks again, Nozel is able to block the needles and only sustains minor injuries. Nozel tells his siblings that they must remain at home because they are unable to fight, but Noelle refuses. Nozel then asks her to assist him in demonstrating House Silva’s power to the elf.

While strategizing, Nozel continues to block compass needles. Noelle uses her Water Magic to flood the room, and Nozel forms a protective shell around himself and his siblings. When Kivn is forced to release her spell, Nozel strikes her with his Mercury Magic and binds her. Nozel praises Noelle’s bravery and expresses regret for his treatment of her. Nozel is pierced by three needles and falls to the ground as Kivn raises a larger and more powerful Another Atlas. To protect her siblings, Noelle unlocks a Valkyrie Dress, which reminds Nozel of their mother.

More elves arrive to fight after Noelle defeats Kivn. Paplo Espuma, a healer for Nebra and Nozel, is also brought by Zora. Nozel is motivated to reinforce his body with magic and forego healing after Zora taunts him for not protecting his family. Zora gives the two siblings the ability to see where he has set traps, which they use to help them defeat the elves. After that, Nozel relaxes and is treated with Bubble Refresher.

As Fuegoleon and Mereoleona arrive at the castle, Nozel finishes his recovery. Fuegoleon, according to Nozel, possesses the Salamander spirit. Nozel carries Asta and Noelle, while Fuegoleon carries Mereoleona and Mimosa Vermillion, and the Black Bulls and Kirsch Vermillion fight off more possessed Golden Dawns before the gate to the Shadow Palace closes. The group is dispersed throughout the Shadow Palace after passing through the gate.

When Nozel feels Patolli’s swelling magic, he is on his way to the eleventh chamber. Nozel saves Asta and Yuno from a second Light Shaft of Divine Punishment after they deflect the dark elf’s first. He scatters his mercury throughout the room, trapping Patolli inside a silver cage that reflects all of the dark elf’s attacks back at him.

Nozel then recognizes Asta and Yuno as rivals for the title of Magic Emperor. He restrains Patolli and prepares to kill him, but Asta intervenes. Yuno explains that it is also William’s body, and that Asta can use the Demon-Destroyer Sword to break the spell. Asta fails, but he succeeds in lifting Patolli’s depression, and the elf offers to assist the humans.

Nozel and the others sense Zagred’s magical power surge, and Nozel manages to avoid it when it descends from the upper chamber.

Nozel sends Asta, Yuno, and Patolli up to fight Zagred, while he and Mimosa go down to gather the rest of the party. Nozel and Mimosa are surprised when Licht uses Rhya’s and Ronne’s magic to help power a spell to destroy the devil as they fly through the corridors.

Nozel Silva
Nozel Silva ( Source: Pinterest)

Nozel saves Fana from Zagred’s magic and warns everyone about the growing threat when he arrives at Noelle’s location. As the elves are surrounded by the devil’s magic, Licht and Lemiel Silvamillion Clover send out protective auras, so Nozel pulls Mereoleona and Jack over to his platform. Valtos saves the Magic Knights and elves and warps them up to the topmost chamber when the protective light fades.

Humans and elves return to Clover Castle, and Nozel constructs floating platforms for all. After the elves are exorcised, Nozel travels through the kingdom’s damaged areas, assisting in the rescue of those trapped in the rubble.

A few days later, during Asta’s trial, Nozel and Fuegoleon interrupt the fight between the Black Bulls and Damnatio Kira. Julius has given the two captains a mission: the Black Bulls will be exiled while the squad investigates devils. Nozel explains that by doing so, the blamed devil will be banished while valuable Magic Knights will be retained, resolving the kingdom’s crisis.

Six months later, the remaining captains gather for a meeting and are briefed on the Dark Triad’s plot after the Golden Dawn and Black Bull bases are attacked and their captains are abducted. When Jack tries to leave early, Nozel warns him not to attack the Spade Kingdom alone, which causes a fight between Jack, Charlotte, and Nozel.

Fuegoleon tells them to keep their cool, but they’re all interrupted when Nacht Faust and Asta appear out of nowhere. Nozel and three other captains prepare to attack the intruder, but Nacht summons four masked creatures to keep them at bay.

The captains stand down and listen as Nacht explains the Tree of Qliphoth’s ritual and structure after Julius vouchs for Nacht’s identity as the Black Bull’s vice-captain and a spy in the Spade Kingdom. Nacht’s ability to retrieve all of this information on his own in such a dangerous situation astounds Nozel.

Nacht then expresses his desire to assemble a team around Asta and his Anti Magic in order to save Yami and William and destroy the Tree of Qliphoth. Nozel is taken aback when he learns that Yuno is a prince from the Spade Kingdom, but explains that Yuno’s magical abilities are due to his royal lineage. After Nacht announces that the team will leave on the third day’s morning, the meeting is adjourned.

Nozel and the other Magic Knights chosen for the Spade Kingdom invasion arrive at the Magic Knights Headquarters three days later. When Nacht tells them that Asta will be late, Yuno and Jack claim that they will defeat the Dark Triad before Asta arrives, but Nozel insists that the squad as a whole will defeat the Dark Triad.

Nozel, Yuno, and Langris split up after infiltrating the castle to face Zenon Zogratis. While Yuno and Langris continue to fight Zenon, Nozel stays behind to deal with the Dark Disciples.


Enhanced Endurance: Nozel has incredible endurance, as evidenced by his ability to stay awake and cast spells after being pierced through the torso by multiple large compass needles.

Immense Magic Power: As a royal and captain of a Magic Knights Squad, Nozel possesses enormous magical power, which Yami notes is greater than his own but less than that of a devil or the strongest elves.

He can create an intense pressure field around himself simply by releasing it, and he can manifest a large eagle with his magical ability.

Nozel’s magic necessitates pinpoint accuracy, and he can maintain that level of precision even in dense, chaotic mana.


Noelle Silva

Nozel has a particular dislike for Noelle Silva, blaming her for their mother’s death. This is, however, to disguise his fear of losing her, who resembles their mother so closely, and after witnessing Noelle’s strength and development, he apologizes to her.

Fuegoleon Vermillion

Since childhood, Nozel and Fuegoleon Vermillion have been rivals. Nozel vows to avenge Fuegoleon after the Eye of the Midnight Sun renders him comatose, and plans to kill Patolli himself. Nozel, as a rival, thinks highly of Fuegoleon’s abilities. Fuegoleon’s flames are far superior to Fana’s, so he mocks her magic.

Yami Sukehiro

The rivalry between Nozel and Yami Sukehiro is similar to that between Nozel and Fuegoleon, with the exception that their rivalry is ironically fueled by their mutual dislike of one another. Nozel is disgusted by Yami’s misbehavior and frequently reminds him that he is a foreigner in the Clover Kingdom, whereas Yami regards Nozel as pretentious and delights in mocking his hairstyle. They do, however, respect each other as fellow captains and formidable fighters, and they have demonstrated that they are more than willing to fight alongside one another when necessary.

Jack the Ripper 

Nozel holds the same opinion of Jack the Ripper as he does of Yami Sukehiro. This is primarily due to Jack’s unusual desire to cut things, as well as the fact that he is a former commoner. Nozel, like Yami, isn’t opposed to teaming up with Jack in battle when it’s necessary, as they did when fighting the Eye of the Midnight Sun alongside Charlotte Roselei.


Nozel had a negative impression of Asta at first, owing to the fact that he was a peasant, a black bull, and he lacked magic. When Asta stood up to everyone during the War Merit Conferment Ceremony, Nozel was one of many who wanted to punish Asta for disrupting the ceremony, but Fuegoleon intervened.

After seeing Asta fight against the leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, Nozel’s opinion of him, like his opinion of Noelle, quickly improved. Nozel came to Asta and Yuno’s rescue against Patolli in the Shadow Palace, and after defeating him, he told both of them that he would be the next magic emperor, not them, and that they were now rivals.

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