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Who is Nebra Silva?

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Nebra Silva is the first daughter of House Silva, one of the Clover Kingdom’s royal families, and a Silver Eagle squad 5th Class Senior Magic Knight.

Voice Actor of Nebra Silva

Japanese voice actress, Yurika Aizawa provided her voice to Nebra Silva in Black Clover.

Nebra Silva
Japanese voice actress, ( Source: Pinterest)


Nebra is unpleasant to be around and has an arrogant demeanor. She is quick to judge and laugh at others, and she enjoys toying with her enemies with her magical abilities. She has a condescending attitude toward others and enjoys belittling those she considers unworthy.

She, like Nozel and Solid, has a blatant disregard for her younger sister, Noelle, and participated in an attempt to humiliate her at the valor ceremony reception.


Nebra is a tall, slender woman with pink eyes and the same narrow, pointed features as the other Silvas. Her silver-white hair is slightly wavy and left loose at the lower back, with tousled spikes on the sides and top. Her bangs have been combed to a point on the bridge of her nose.

She wears a loose-fitting top with a high collar that is held in place by a gold band, just like her siblings. She wears a darker, flowing skirt underneath the longer, light tunic, which is angled so that one side is lower than the other. She also wears flat-heeled strappy sandals. She wears an updated version of her squad’s robe six months after the elves’ attack.


Nebra goes to a Magic Knights Entrance Exam with her older brother. She remains silent throughout the exam as she observes the examinees who are taking the various tests.

Nebra is invited to the Magic Knights’ headquarters for a War Merits Conferment Ceremony, which she attends with her older siblings. The Magic Emperor arrives while they are waiting for Julius Novachrono and several other Knights, bringing five lower-ranking Magic Knights with him to the ceremony.

Nebra is promoted to a 3rd Class Senior Magic Knight during the ceremony after earning 9 stars for completing missions assigned to her. Julius invites Nebra and the other Knights to a celebratory banquet that he has prepared at the conclusion of the ceremony. After Julius leaves to attend to another matter, several Knights begin to question Julius’ unwelcome guests. Nebra joins the chaos and reminds her younger sister, Noelle Silva, who is one of the unwanted visitors, that she was exiled from the Silva family.

Nebra Silva
Nebra Silva ( Source: Pinterest)

Nozel eventually tells Noelle to leave the room. Noelle is prevented from leaving, and Asta announces to Nebra and the other honorary Knights that he will become the Magic Emperor, effectively silencing them. Nebra, her brother Solid, and Alecdora Sandler launch an attack after witnessing Asta’s insolent act. Alecdora manages to restrain Asta despite her attack being nullified. Solid, in contrast to her, continues to attack Asta but fails, and in the end, Nozel decides to handle the situation on his own.

Someone enters the banquet hall not long after, informing them that the Royal Capital has been invaded. Fuegoleon Vermillion orders Nebra and her siblings to protect the Royal Capital’s Central District after a strategy meeting with the rest of the Knights. Solid then summons a water-based eagle to transport his older siblings to their destination.

The citizens, who have been fighting the invading army, greeted them with cheers as soon as they arrived. They quickly realize they’re being attacked by an army of corpses, and Nebra decimates them all mercilessly. After all of the corpses have been defeated, a Spatial Magic spell activates beneath their feet, transporting Nebra and the other Magic Knights far from the Royal Capital.

Nebra and the other Knights then pool their magical abilities to create a composite spell capable of transporting them back to the Royal Capital.

Nebra and the other Knights have a brief audience with the Magic Emperor after Fuegoleon and Leopold Vermillion have been taken to the medical ward and the city’s defenses have been recovered. She quickly follows Nozel as he exits the venue.

Nebra and Solid attend the Star Awards Festival and watch the ceremony from a tower, and Nebra expresses her dissatisfaction with her squad’s low ranking in the knight squad rankings.

Nebra is in Solid’s room, talking to him about his loss to Noelle, several days after the Royal Knights Selection Exam, when a possessed Golden Dawn bursts into the room and threatens to kill them. Nebra makes several clones of herself, but the elf’s Compass Magic can detect the genuine article.

Nebra falls to the floor after being pierced through the abdomen with a large compass needle. Nozel and Noelle arrive to defend their siblings after Solid’s attacks miss the elf. Noelle’s ability to successfully cast Sea Dragon’s Roar through the elf’s mana astounds Nebra.

Nebra realizes they are outmatched and that she is a burden due to her injuries after seeing the spell deflected, so she summons a forest of mist to conceal their escape. Refusing to let them flee, the elf summons Another Atlas to disrupt the room’s mana, dissolving the mist.

Nebra Silva
Nebra Silva ( Source: Pinterest)

Nozel and Noelle defend their siblings while Solid holds Nebra. Noelle’s assistance in defeating the elf, as well as Nozel’s apology to Noelle, surprise Nebra. More elves arrive and attack after Kivn is defeated. With a counter trap, Zora Ideale protects Nebra and Solid. Paplo Espuma, a royal servant, is also dropped off, and he begins healing Nebra.

When one of the Spade Kingdom’s demons attacks the Clover Kingdom six months later, Nebra and Kirsch Vermillion block the demon’s vision while other Magic Knights try to push it back. It is, however, overpowering and disperses all of their spells. As Asta guards the kingdom, Nebra and Solid keep an eye on him.


Immense Magic Power: As a royal, Nebra possesses an enormous amount of magic power and has excellent control over it, allowing her to cast spells around elves even after she has been severely injured.

Immense Endurance: Nebra possesses incredible endurance, as evidenced by her ability to remain conscious and cast spells after being pierced through the abdomen by a large compass needle.

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