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Who is Augustus Kira Clover?

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Augustus Kira Clover is the current King of Clover Kingdom. However, following the events of the Cult of the End’s attack, he was demoted to a figurehead.

Voice Actor of Augustus Kira Clover

The Japanese voice actor, Jun MIYAMOTO contributed his voice to Augustus Kira Clover in Black Clover.

Augustus Kira Clover
Japanese voice actor, Jun MIYAMOTO ( Source: Pinterest)


Augustus is a 35-year-old man with short golden brown hair, a curling handlebar mustache, and a small, pointed goatee.

Augustus is dressed in a striped doublet with white lines separating dark and light purple sections. The wrists of the long sleeves are laced. He also wears white tights and dark purple shoes, as well as a pair of trunk hose with a similar pattern to his doublet. He wears a fur-lined green royal mantle and a yellow cravat over it all.


Augustus is a slacker and conceited man who believes he is deserving of praise and admiration. This desire for love and admiration makes him envious of those who have it, and it makes his mental state fragile, making him unable to tolerate even minor insults from others.

Asta also mentioned that he has little to no aura and that his extreme pettiness is easily noticeable. He is ill-suited to any position of power or leadership because it reveals his many flaws and how little he cares for the people he is charged with the ruling.

Envious, pathetic, ignorant, and ultimately weak willed, he is ill-suited to any position of power or leadership because it reveals his many flaws and how little he cares for the people he is charged with the ruling.

Augustus Kira Clover
Augustus Kira Clover ( Source: Pinterest)

He is constantly envious of Julius’ popularity among the common people, despite (or perhaps because of) the fact that he has no respect for them and believes that people of royal blood are superior to those who do not.

Augustus is an excellent foil for Julius in this regard because Julius believes that people’s adoration and love are earned through merit, whereas Augustus considers titles, background, and crown to be defining pieces of one’s worth. Augustus has developed a massive inferiority complex towards Julius, attempting to steal credit from him whenever he can because Julius’ worldview produced more results than his own.

Despite the fact that many of the Magic Knights are tasked with his and the kingdom’s protection, he has a conceited attitude toward them, even going so far as to try to sentence Asta and Yuno to death for a snide remark or insulting his own subjects for not knowing who he is. He was also dissatisfied that the Golden Dawn had received the most stars despite having fewer royalty members than the Silver Eagles.

His desire to be loved and recognized by his people is ironic in that he never leaves his palace and interacts in any way with his subjects, whereas Julius regularly mingles with the commoners, albeit in disguise most of the time.

Even when he is present, his own people barely recognize him, and they have little to no love or respect for him. Many regard him and his position as little more than a glorified figurehead, in contrast to the Magic Emperor, who is regarded as the true ruler of the realm.

Despite having access to the king’s vast mana reserves, Augustus has repeatedly demonstrated his ignorance and folly when it comes to magic. He struggled to explain the reasons for the Crystal Destruction Battle Tournament’s rules when asked, was unimpressed with Magna Swing’s abilities despite Kirsch Vermillion pointing out the rarity of being able to use both short and long-range magic, and couldn’t keep up with much of what was going on, asking Julius for clarification on several occasions.

As Patolli has demonstrated, Augustus’ magic has the potential to be quite powerful, but his ignorance and arrogance prevent him from understanding how or why he would need to use it effectively. This even extends to him appearing oblivious to danger directed at himself, as he believes that his position as king and mana reservoir will suffice to quell dissension.

For example, the spell he used to put down what he thought was an uprising was simply an overinflated version of himself with a grand title and the expectation that the mere sight of it would impress, when in fact it was easily dispelled, leaving him vulnerable and open to a direct attack. When the elves easily destroyed his construct with the simple magic of their own, he was shocked, and they mocked him as a fool and a weakling.


Augustus is in bed with two women during the attack on the Royal Capital by the Eye of the Midnight Sun, and he demands to know where Julius Novachrono has gone. In place of the Magic Emperor, Marx Francois assures the king that he and the others will keep his majesty safe.

Augustus appears months later at the Star Awards Festival to greet his people. When the crowd’s response is lukewarm, he chastises them, but this only serves to aggravate their dissatisfaction. In an attempt to reclaim them, he takes credit for Julius’ efforts and plans, announcing that the Eye of the Midnight Sun’s base has been discovered and that he will select Magic Knights for an elite squad known as the Royal Knights.

When the Knights respect the Magic Emperor and Captains, Asta wonders why the king will choose, and Yuno wonders why someone with so much magic power hasn’t done anything remarkable. Augustus, enraged, demands the heads of the two boys, but Julius intervenes and explains that the two may one day protect the king. Augustus grumbles to himself, still upset, as Julius calls the ceremony to a close and the crowd applauds the Magic Emperor.

A week later, Augustus explains the rules of the Crystal Destruction Battle Tournament to a group of Magic Knights gathered for the Royal Knights Selection Exam. When he pauses to explain why they are competing in teams, Julius interjects, pointing out that the squad will require cooperation, power, and strategy. Later, Augustus is irritated when Julius appears to ignore him. They sit in chairs on the platform for the matches.

Augustus is impressed by “Xerx” and his Trap Magic during the first match and considers him the Royal Knights’ first choice. Augustus is dissatisfied with Magna Swing during the second match.

Augustus is disappointed that Asta and Yuno have not yet lost in the first round. The king is later perplexed as to how Asta destroyed Kirsch Vermillion’s Magic Cherry Blossom Blizzard during the ninth match.

Augustus attends the first meeting of the Royal Knights squad a few days after the exam. Augustus explains that the Royal Knights require a royal captain after Nozel Silva is introduced. Augustus goes to Langris’ parents’ house.

Augustus summons Langris Vaude’s parents to account for their son’s actions, and he decides to call off the betrothal between Langris and his granddaughter, Finesse Calmreich. A mage bursts in and declares that the Royal Capital is under attack, and that forces are advancing on the castle. The king, enraged by the interruption, demands to know what the Magic Knights are up to.

Ratri carves his way into the throne room, having taken over Langris’ body. Augustus declares Langris a rebel after the elf overpowers Ledior Vaude and insults the King. Augustus uses his own magic to intimidate the elf in the absence of the Magic Knights and Julius. Ratri, on the other hand, carves a hole in it, destroying a portion of the King’s crown and throne. Augustus collapses to his knees in disbelief. Finesse grabs Ratri and holds his hand back before Langris can kill the King.

Finral Roulacase, Yami Sukehiro, and Jack the Ripper are also seen entering the throne room. Augustus demands to know why Finral’s parents and Finesse were not evacuated first, so Finral creates a portal for them to leave. Finral constructs a portal for the King, but Ratri destroys it. Jack unleashes a chaotic barrage of slashes, which the elf’s defense partially blocks. The remaining slashes struck the King’s wall, causing him, along with the wall and throne, to fall out of the castle.

Augustus is accidentally discovered by Sekke Bronzazza. When an elf attacks them, Sekke uses his Magnum Cannonball to defend them. The elf’s spirit is exorcised at that precise moment, saving the two. Augustus praises Sekke’s abilities, believing it was Sekke who saved them.

The King is then assassinated by four anti-monarchist nobles. Augustus orders Sekke to defend him, but the assassins are stopped by Damnatio Kira. Augustus complains about his dirty clothes when Damnatio asks if the King is okay.

Augustus Kira Clover
Augustus Kira Clover ( Source: Pinterest)

Augustus attends the Magic Parliament’s trial of Asta and Secre Swallowtail a few days later. The King reflects on how he knew Asta was a bad guy who shouldn’t have been a Royal Knight. The other Black Bulls storm the courthouse, but Nozel and Fuegoleon Vermillion arrive just in time to deliver a mission from Julius to the Black Bulls. The presence of the royal captains influences the nobles and royals’ opinions, but Augustus is irritated that Julius is interfering again.

After Yami and William are kidnapped six months later, Augustus chooses Sekke to accompany him on a mission to infiltrate the Spade Kingdom and rescue the captains. A demon attacks the Clover Kingdom on the day of the mission, and Augustus pleads for help in a panic.


Julius Novachrono

Augustus is envious of Julius Novachrono’s popularity among the common people, and he tries to steal the limelight whenever and wherever he can. He once told the Magic Emperor not to stand so close to him while he was trying to impress the crowd, and he even took credit for the Magic Emperor’s idea of assembling a group of Knights from various squadrons into a single group to attack the terrori.

This dislike appears to be one-sided, as Julius has no problem putting up with his king and also keeps his ego in check by not doing things that would tarnish his already-dingy image, such as sentencing Asta and Yuno to death for a mere remark and intervening to prevent Augustus from looking like a fool when Augustus was having difficulty explaining things to the crowd. Augustus, on the other hand, rarely disagrees with the Magic Emperor.

Yuno and Asta

Asta and Yuno had apparently never heard of their country’s king before his arrival, and after Asta made a blunt remark that Yuno agreed to, Augustus took an immediate dislike to them and ordered their execution, only to be stopped by Julius.

The king was dissatisfied that both had advanced to the second round of the Crystal Destruction Battle Tournament. The fact that both eventually made it into the Royal Knights (despite the king’s poor grasp of magic in general, which prevented him from following much of the tournament) suggests that the king had little say in who got to join in the first place or that Julius persuaded him of their inclusion.

Sekke Bronzazza

Augustus thanks Sekke Bronzazza for defending him during the elves’ attack on the castle, and he’s even willing to overlook Sekke’s lowborn status.

Abilities and Power

Light Magic: Augustus’s magic attribute is light magic, which he uses to create and manipulate light. He only uses it to create large portraits of himself, and his Light Magic is slow compared to other mages with this ability.

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