Hodaka Morishima Bio, Voice Actor, Quotes, Relationship

Hodaka Morishima

Who is Hodaka Morishima? Hodaka Morishima is the male protagonist of Weathering With You. Voice Actor of Hodaka Morishima The Japanese voice actor, Kotaro Daigo contributed his voice to  Hodaka Morishima in Weathering With You whereas Brandon Engman has voiced for the English version of this character. Appearance Hodaka is a tan-skinned adolescent with large … Read more

Nagi Amano Bio, Age, Sister, Voice Actor

Nagi Amano

Who is Nagi Amano? Nagi Amano is Hina’s younger brother and one of the three tritagonists in Weathering With You. He is an elementary school student. Despite his youth, he is well-liked by the ladies due to his “mature behavior.” Japanese voice Actor Nagi Amano The Japanese voice actor, Sakura Kiryu contributed her voice to … Read more

Natsumi Suga Bio, Age, Voice Actor

Natsumi Suga

Who is Natsumi Suga? Natsumi Suga is one of the three tritagonists in Weathering With You. She is a university student who works at a small editing studio. Voice Actor of Natsumi Suga The Japanese voice actor, Tsubasa Honda contributed her voice to Natsumi Suga in Weathering With You whereas Alison Brie has voiced for … Read more