Nagi Amano Bio, Age, Sister, Voice Actor

Who is Nagi Amano?

Nagi Amano is Hina’s younger brother and one of the three tritagonists in Weathering With You. He is an elementary school student. Despite his youth, he is well-liked by the ladies due to his “mature behavior.”

Japanese voice Actor Nagi Amano

The Japanese voice actor, Sakura Kiryu contributed her voice to Nagi Amano in Weathering With You whereas Emeka Guindo has voiced for the English version of this character.

Nagi Amano
Japanese voice actress, Sakura Kiryu ( Source: Pinterest)


Nagi is a confident young man who is well-liked by his peers and appears to be a bit of a tomboy. Even Hodaka Morishima refers to him as “sempai” because of his maturity and knowledge about girls, which belies his age. He has a caring side and a sense of self-awareness, as evidenced by his desire to see his sister live a normal adolescent life after all that she has done for him.


Nagi is a young boy with silky chin-length hair that reaches the back of his ears. Nagi’s eyes are a darker shade of blue than his sister’s. They both have black hair with a dark blue hue and blue eyes, but Nagi’s is a darker shade of blue.

Nagi Amano
Nagi Amano ( Source: Pinterest)

His appearance three years later isn’t much different from his original appearance, with the exception that he’s now taller.


Nagi was born in Tokyo, Japan, in 2011 to Megumi Amano. His father is unknown, but it is assumed that he died or divorced Megumi prior to the events of 2020. Nagi was financially supported by Hina after his mother died of a fatal illness, and the two were forced to live alone.


During Hodaka’s first few days in Tokyo, Nagi, along with Ayane and Kana, is spotted on the bus by Hodaka. Nagi waves one girl away to see another, and Hodaka concludes that Nagi is a player.

Nagi reappears after Hina and Hodaka meet and arrange a meeting at Hina’s house, walking in on the two discussing the Sunshine Girl job and thinking they’re strange as he walks to the refrigerator. Hodaka proposes that they start a business together, inspired by the Sunshine Girl’s idea; Hina could provide her mysterious ability to people who want clear weather for special events.

Nagi is persuaded to join by Hodaka, and their company becomes a huge success. They have a diverse clientele, ranging from kindergarten students to corporate behemoths.

Hina, Nagi, and Hodaka accept a job clearing the sky for Fumi Tachibana at her home so that she can light a fire for her deceased husband.

As Nagi scores a goal in Nagi’s school soccer game, Hodaka searches online for the best gift to give Hina. Nagi finishes his game and sits down with Hodaka, who tells him that he has no idea what to get Hina because Natsumi and the Internet have failed him. Nagi asks if he’s in love with Hina, and he denies it with a furious blush. Nagi gives Hodaka advice on love while the two talk about Hina.

Nagi Amano
Nagi Amano ( Source: Pinterest)

At the park, Hina and Hodaka sit and watch Keisuke Suga and his daughter Moka Suga play with Nagi. As the sky darkens and the rain resumes, they depart and split up, Nagi accompanying the Sugas to a restaurant so that Hodaka can be alone with Hina.

When a police officer arrives at the Amano residence and threatens to arrest Hina and Nagi, Nagi decides to flee with Hina and Hodaka, but the weather becomes even more unusual when it begins to snow. The three are apprehended on the streets, and Hodaka is apprehended by two police officers as he tries to flee, but he is saved by Hina, who distracts the cops by praying for lightning to strike nearby. As a result, the trio is able to flee to a hotel.

After a quick bath and a karaoke session, they spend the night at the hotel, and Nagi falls asleep quickly. It’s sunny outside when he wakes up, Hina is gone from her room, and the cops are inside the hotel. Nagi and Hodaka have been apprehended.

Nagi Amano
Nagi Amano ( Source: Pinterest)

Nagi invites Ayane and Kana to his room in the facility where he’s been placed. Kana, as planned, asks the security guard where the restroom is, allowing Nagi and Ayane to change clothes while the officer is away. Nagi then disguises herself as Ayane and flees the facility, running to the tower where Hodaka had gone in search of Hina. When Yasui attempts to stop Hodaka, Nagi leaps on him, allowing Hodaka to pass while yelling at him to save Hina. Nagi stands in a police car as the rain begins to fall again after Hodaka successfully returns his sister.


Even after three years, Nagi appears to be close with the Suga family, as evidenced by a photo of them on Keisuke’s phone.

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