Keisuke Suga Bio, Age, Daughter, Voice Actor

One of the three tritagonists in Weathering With You is Keisuke Suga, a writer from a small editing studio.

Voice Actor of Keisuke Suga

The Japanese voice actor, Shun Oguri contributed her voice to Keisuke Suga in Weathering With You whereas Lee Pace has voiced for the English version of this character.


Keisuke is a middle-aged man with curly brown hair and narrow black eyes who is tall and slender. He wears a silver wedding ring on his left ring finger and black-rimmed glasses on occasion.

Keisuke Suga
Keisuke Suga ( Source: Pinterest)


Despite his good nature, Keisuke is deeply troubled by the death of his wife and his daughter’s asthma, leading him to drink and smoke. His struggle to reclaim Moka’s custody also makes him a coward, as he quickly fires Hodaka to avoid getting into legal trouble when confronted by the cops. However, as he empathizes with Hodaka’s desperation to save Hina Amano, his grief for his wife leads him to heroic acts. Keisuke, unlike his niece, does not believe in supernatural tales and only pursues them for financial gain.


Keisuke came from a prestigious family of legislators, with high expectations for him from his parents, but he was overshadowed by his more brilliant older brother (Natsumi’s father). As a result, when he was a teenager, he ran away from his hometown to Tokyo, where he met and married Asuka Mamiya, who gave birth to their daughter Moka Suga. His wife died in an accident a few years before the events of Weathering With You, and her mother took custody of Moka. He established K&A Planning Co., Ltd, presumably named after his surname “Keisuke” and his wife’s surname “Asuka.”


Following an unspecified visit to Kozushima, Keisuke meets Hodaka for the first time when the latter nearly falls off the ferry they’re both riding during a freak rainstorm. Keisuke saves him, and Hodaka rewards him with a meal in exchange for his assistance. As they board the ferry, Keisuke hands him his business card in case he ever needs assistance.

Hodaka contacts Keisuke a few days later and hires him as an assistant at his small publishing company, K&A Planning Co., Ltd. A toast to his appointment is made by Keisuke, Hodaka, and Natsumi.

Keisuke Suga
Keisuke Suga ( Source: Pinterest)

In a café, Keisuke meets with the mother of his late wife to discuss custody of his daughter. She declines his request to see Moka, claiming that he is still smoking and would give the child a bad impression.

Later, while waiting for Keisuke to get off the phone, Natsumi writes her resumé in the car. Ame jumps up onto the desk in front of Keisuke and decides to call Mrs. Mamiya about his daughter, so Keisuke pulls out a cigarette but doesn’t light it. He and Natsumi get into the car and talk about Hodaka and his other job, with Natsumi becoming disgusted with Keisuke as he tells her how little he pays him.

Keisuke and Natsumi continue to look into urban legends about a mysterious girl who has the ability to change the weather. They go to a shrine and meet a priest who tells them about a legend about a weather maiden whose power comes at a high cost.

Keisuke and his daughter Moka Suga are playing with Nagi in the park, while Hina and Hodaka sit and watch. Hina’s last job was to clear the sky for Moka, allowing her to play outside despite her asthma. Hodaka questions Keisuke about how he knew this was his job and whether or not he has a daughter, but he is ignored as Keisuke compliments Hina on her abilities. The three converse for a while until Natsumi arrives, at which point Hodaka exclaims and turns to Keisuke, asking if he’ll be in trouble with her because he has a wife. Hina and Natsumi accuse Keisuke of being a pervert because of his misunderstanding. Nagi and Moka summon Keisuke and Hodaka to their side as the girls compare and contrast the two men who have passed away.

As the night falls and the rain returns, the six split up, Nagi accompanying the Sugas to a restaurant and Hodaka and Hina returning to the Amano abode together. Keisuke waits outside Hina’s house for Hodaka in his car after eating. The house had already been visited by the cops. Keisuke fires Hodaka from his job and pays him severance pay when he arrives. Keisuke apologizes for not being able to assist Hodaka further, as he does not want any complications to prevent him from filing for custody of his daughter.

Keisuke Suga
Keisuke Suga ( Source: Pinterest)

After Hodaka has been apprehended by the police and managed to flee in order to pursue Hina, Keisuke waits for the boy inside the tower. Keisuke tries to stop him from fleeing any further, but Hodaka fires a gun at him to prevent him from interfering.

The cops manage to break into the building and encircle Hodaka. Keisuke, motivated by his concern for the desperate Hodaka, assists him in eluding the cops. After Hina is rescued, Keisuke stands in police custody and watches the rain begin again.


During Hodaka’s three-year absence from Tokyo, Keisuke expands his company into a larger corporation. When Hodaka returns, Keisuke shows him around and tells him about his family before encouraging him to pay a visit to Hina.

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