Tommy Helm Bio, Age, Parents, Height, Nationality, Net Worth, Instagram, Weight

Tommy Helm rose to prominence after appearing on season one of Ink Master. He even has his own spin-off, Tattoo Nightmares, in which people who seek the assistance of the best cover-up tattooists go under the needle to transform their nightmare into something dreamy.

Tommy has been immersed in the arts since he was a child. He used to paint murals, jackets, and use oil paints. His interests inspired him to pursue art as a career.

Tommy eventually got into tattooing, and his source of inspiration is none other than an artist, an old biker named Florida Frank.

Tommy sweated and cried for sixteen years before establishing Empire State Studio in Oceanside, New York.

His work is best known for its use of bright colors and intricate detail. With his work, he has proven to be very popular among his clients. His client has even waited up to a year and a half to be tattooed by him.

While most people are familiar with his work, they are often curious about his earnings.

Although his exact net worth has yet to be revealed, Tommy undoubtedly commands high prices for his tattoos.

Tommy Helm: Married?

When it comes to revealing information about his family, Tommy is always tight-lipped.

But, interestingly, he has always been vocal about his marriage. Michele Gonzalez-Helm is his happily married wife.

His wife is also a member of the art community, having joined in 2005. Her husband taught her the art of tattooing, and he also allowed her to work alongside many other talented tattoo artists.

Michele began professionally tattooing in February 2007 at Tommy’s Empire State Studio.

Tommy and Michele, on the other hand, have not stated when they began dating. Perhaps they stole each other’s hearts somewhere along the way while working in the same professional field.

They are now happily married, and their union has resulted in one son. Unlike his openness about his marriage, Tommy is hesitant to show off his son, not even revealing his son’s name. Nonetheless, Tommy’s wife refers to his son as “AJ.”

Bio, Age, Nationality

Tommy Helm was born in New York on August 21, 1973.

However, information about his parents and family history is currently unavailable.

Tommy has not revealed his exact height, but judging by his appearance, he is of average height.

He received his education from FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). However, he later decided that the corporate world was not for him and changed his career path.

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