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Sabrina Haskett– Biography, Facts & Life Story

Sabrina Haskett (born April 11, 1998) is an American actress, singer, songwriter, model, television host, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. She was born in Highland, Utah. Sabrina’s incredible songs and music videos have made her a household name in the world.

Sabrina Haskett released several singles as a professional singer, including This Is Life, My Turn, Don’t Let Go, and others. She is a talented actress in addition to being actress. According to IMDB, Haskett has appeared in several films and television shows, including Deidra & Laney Rob a Train (2017), Happy Hazel (2020), and others.

She rose to prominence after portraying Kaitlynn in the Netflix series Moxie[1] in 2021. This series was published on March 3rd, 2021, according to reports. To learn more about Haskett’s history, read this post.

Sabrina Haskett- Early Life

Sabrina Haskett, a talented actress, was born to her parents in Highland, Utah, on Saturday, April 11, 1998.

She is a follower of the Christian faith. Sabrina Haskett is 24 years old when it comes to her age.

Every year on April 11th, she cuts her birthday cake. Sabrina has loved music since she was a teenager. Haskett began playing music at a young age, according to reports.

Let me tell you that she went to a nearby private school in her hometown to finish her schooling.

Haskett then embarked on a professional music career. She has appeared on several reality shows. Sabrina Haskett is now one of her country’s most well-known singers and actresses.

Haskett, a well-known American artist, is of pure white caucasian origin.

When it comes to her family, Sabrina is the only child of her parents. Her father (name withheld) is a wealthy businessman, according to reports.

Sabrina’s girlfriend, “Michelle Cosgrave Hasket,” on the other hand, is a businesswoman. Her family has three brothers, according to her social media profile.

Her siblings’ names are “Sean Haskett,” “Stockton Haskett,” and “Seth Haskett.” She enjoys spending time with her family.

Relationship Status

We discovered that Haskett has been in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend named “Zachy Liston” after scrolling through her Instagram profile.

She even used her social media accounts to post a lot of pictures with her boyfriend.

Zachy is also a musician, according to sources. Sabrina is tight-lipped about her prior dating experience with the press.


Sabrina Haskett, according to sources, has loved music since she was a teenager. She began performing in numerous singing reality TV shows after completing her higher education.

She also appeared in the 13th season of American Idol in 2014, according to her social media page. Aside from that, she appeared in a variety of other series.

Net Worth 2022/2023

Sabrina Haskett is well-known for her work as an actress and singer.

Haskett is estimated to have a net worth of $5-6 million dollars (approx.).

Haskett is a talented singer who has released several singles and music videos. She became popular, according to reports, after her single “My Turn” went viral on the internet. My Turn by Sabrina Haskett is a well-known song.

She went on to release several songs, including Crazy Youngsters, The Unknown, Tightrope, Can’t Hold Us Down, and others.

Spotify account Sabrina

Her music can also be found on various social media sites such as Spotify, Twitter, SoundCloud, and others.

Sabrina Haskett has appeared in a variety of clubs and live stage activities in addition to playback singing.

Sabrina Haskett is a talented actress as well as a singer. According to reports in the media, she made her acting debut in the 2017 film “Deidra & Laney Rob a Train.”

In the Happy Hazel series, Sabrina Haskett plays Sabrina.

Later, she wowed her fans by portraying Hazel Rybicki in the television series “Happy Hazel.”

In the film Moxie, Haskett plays Sabrina Haskett.

Sabrina Haskett made her first appearance in the Kaitlynn Netflix series “Moxie” in March 2021.

She collaborated on this series with Hadley Robinson, Nico Hiraga, Lauren Tsai, Sydney Park, and others.

Haskett’s Fascinating Facts

  • Sabrina Haskett loves traveling to new locations with her parents.
  • Her Instagram account has over 4.8K followers as of March 2021.
  • Since January 2014, Haskett has been using Instagram.
  • Haskett’s very first Instagram update
  • In her spare time, she loves composing quotations.
  • Sabrina Haskett’s favorite instrument is the guitar, which she plays professionally.
  • In her free time, she enjoys camping and mountain climbing.
  • Mountain climbing is Sabrina Haskett’s passion.
  • Haskett likes printed shoes, according to her Instagram profile.
  • She is a huge ice cream fan.
  • Haskett is an ice cream fanatic.
  • She also designed a separate music studio in her house, according to reports.

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