Julianna Goldman Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Career, Nationality

Julianna Goldman

Julianna Goldman is without a doubt one of the most accomplished correspondents. Her bio states that she was born on May 2, 1981, as the daughter of Barbara Goldman and Michael Goldman. Her father is a partner at the Washington law firm Silverberg Goldman and Bikoff, and her mother is the president of the human … Read more

Ann Sterling Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Nationality, Dating

Ann Sterling

When it comes to high-profile journalists, Ann Sterling should not be overlooked. She has proven her worth in the field and has fully embraced her career. She graduated from the prestigious University of South Florida. Until now, the super talented journalist with a promising career has worked with a variety of media outlets. Biography and … Read more

Alexis Christoforous Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Nationality, Dating

Alexis Christoforous

Alexis Christoforous is a television and radio journalist who has won numerous awards. She is also a Yahoo Finance correspondent, anchor, and reporter based in New York. Know her bio, family, husband, and education information that you must not overlook. Biography and Wiki According to her wiki, Alexis was born on October 19, 1970, in … Read more

Pokey Chatman Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Ethnicity

Pokey Chatman

Basketball coach Pokey Chatman developed an interest in sports at a young age. During her high school career, she was a point guard who hit the first three-point shot. Following her brief basketball career, Pokey decided to pursue a coaching career in 1991. She began as an assistant coach until 1993, when she was promoted … Read more

Maurice Compte Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Ethnicity

Maurice Compte

As long as people’s desire for entertainment remains strong, industries such as Hollywood will thrive. And the entertainment industry is always looking for new faces. Among those new faces, Cuban-American actor Maurice Compte made a name for himself. He has been a working actor since 1996, when he appeared in the film The Dream Catcher. … Read more

Ronald Eldridge Claiborne Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Ethnicity

Ron Claiborne

Ronald Eldridge Claiborne was born on August 20, 1953 as Ronald Claiborne. He was born in San Francisco, California, making him an American citizen. He is a very successful journalist at the age of 65, and his presentation skills are outstanding. He attended Yale University to pursue a degree in psychology. However, for his master’s … Read more

Steve Osunsami Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Career, Nationality

Steve Osunsami

Steve Osunsami is a well-known American journalist and television personality. In a world where social media is increasingly becoming a go-to media for news, he is one of those who make it possible for many people to traditionally couch down and watch television. Despite being a media personality, Steve kept many details about his personal … Read more

Michael Smerconish Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Career, Nationality

Michael Smerconish

On weekdays, American radio host Michael Smerconish hosts The Michael Smerconish Program. He also writes a Sunday column for The Philadelphia Inquirer. Furthermore, the radio host is an associate at the Philadelphia law firm Kline & Specter. Relationship Status: Single? For a long time, the radio host has been married to his wife, Lavinia Smerconish. … Read more