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Everyone knows that beautiful Kayla Varner is the wife of famous baseball player Bryce Harper. Many people are unaware that Kayla Varner is an athlete in her own right. She played collegiate soccer for both Ohio State and Brigham Young. Kayla Varner was a professional player, proving all stereotypes wrong, and that must be how she won Bryce Harper’s heart!

Kayla has made a name for herself as a prolific player at the age of 27. Her net worth is unknown, but given her husband’s position, she undoubtedly shares his net worth of $70 million.

Relationship Status: Single?

Kayla Varner is one of those lucky people who meets their soulmate at a young age.

She was in high school when she met Bryce Harper, a handsome hunk who went on to become a professional baseball player.

The couple was madly in love at the time, and to everyone’s surprise, their love only grew stronger over time. To commemorate their undying love, the two got engaged in 2014. Kayla was on top of the world when Bryce Harper proposed after six years of dating.

Kayla even shared a photo of her emerald cut diamond and trapezoid three-stone engagement ring with her Instagram followers.

When everything was going well, the couple encountered a few issues. In 2015, they called it quits on their engagement.

However, just as the saying goes, “true love finds its way,” Kayla and Bryce reconciled their differences and reconciled their relationship.

They re-engaged in July 2016 and married in December 2016. The rain added to the beauty of the wedding ceremony, and both the bride and groom wept happily. The newlyweds shared beautiful wedding photos. They are undoubtedly looking forward to a wonderful life together!

The couple is also foodies, and they have a separate Instagram account where they only post pictures of themselves eating delicious food.

They are also involved in charity, donating a significant amount to cancer patients each year. Kayla and her husband have a close relationship and encourage each other to grow as people every day.

Kayla Varner Is Expecting a Child!

Kayla and Bryce’s decision to enjoy parenthood together elevated their relationship to a new level.

Kayla and her husband announced their pregnancy on April 1st, 2019.

The couple stood behind a bridge, wearing a little jacket, to make their pregnancy announcement.

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The jacket quoted “Baby Harper,” with the number “3” in it. Hundreds of congratulatory messages flooded the couple’s social media pages as a result of this.

Kayla later gave birth to a baby boy, Krew Aron Harper, on August 22, 2019. Kayla and Bryce’s lives have been filled with parenting bliss since baby Krew’s arrival. (voyageohio.com)

Without a doubt, this little guy will make his parents extremely proud of him.

Nationality and Parents

Kayla Varner was born on November 4, 1992 in Nevada, United States, according to her bio. Kayla’s parents, Sean Varner and Lizz Varner, raised her in Las Vegas alongside their two other children, McKay and Marcus.

She attended Green Valley School and graduated from Brigham Young University. Kayla Varner is active on social media and frequently posts about her friends and family. She is especially proud of her brothers, who participated in the Charlottesville missionary program.

Kayla and her husband, who were raised by Christian parents, are both members of the Mormon Church. Kayla adores dogs and has one named Wriggly.

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