Who is Scott Gillen? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Scott Gillen, a designer, and builder from Malibu credit his wife and daughter for inspiring him to strive for excellence in his job.

Scott Gillen Family Life

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In addition to being one of Malibu’s top designers, Scott Gillen is essentially a family man. The architect lives in a house he constructed himself in Malibu with his wife Teri Gillen and daughter Sophia.

In 2003, he began dating producer Teri, with whom he later got hitched.

The couple was living in their Gillen-designed and -built Abbot Kenny loft at the time.

However, the pair opted to go back to Malibu, where the designer had previously lived for almost 15 years, after selling their Los Angeles home because they felt it was unfit to raise the child they were expecting there.

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His adolescent daughter is one of three members of the family who are enjoying a happy life in Malibu. Additionally, the designer occasionally posts pictures of his daughter and wife on his Instagram account.

Gillen always wanted a better life for himself and his family because he was raised in a low-income family, which inspired him to succeed in his work.

“We had a difficult upbringing. I believe I wanted it better because my mom worked three jobs and my dad left when I was just a baby. A better life than the one I had, better for my wife and children,”

said Gillen in a June 5th, 2021, an Instagram video that he posted.

From Stunt Driver To Designer

Although Gillen has made a name for himself as one of the best designers in the nation, his career didn’t quite begin that way.

Growing up in Los Angeles, Gillen developed a deep affinity for automobiles and at a young age had mastered the intricate repairs of automobiles. When he was 17 years old, he started working as a tire buster.

He ran upon legendary Hollywood producer Paul Picard while at work. Paul was immediately interested in Gillen’s enthusiasm for automobiles and offered him a job on his next show.

Gillen accepted the job offer and started working in the entertainment business. The automobile enthusiast turned to drive stunts for the show Dukes of Hazzard, albeit the show he was recruited for was about to be canceled.

Later, after suffering an accident, Gillen took a short break from performing feats. However, he quickly switched to directing and rose to fame as a successful director of car commercials.

While his career as a director was propelling him to the top, his job abruptly came to an end due to a contractual disagreement.

He started remodeling his recently acquired loft in Venice’s Abbot Kinney area on his own while he was off work.

He recognized his newfound love while remodeling, and he has since continued to construct meticulously planned homes.

Scott Gillen’s Net Worth

The founder of Unvarnished displayed a portfolio of thirteen architectural homes along Malibu’s shoreline in 2019. The portfolio known as “The Malibu Series” was put up for auction for an astounding $500 million.

Later, in 2020, Gillen announced his new 75 million-dollar listing from The Malibu Series.

Additionally, the Malibu neighborhood that was featured in his most recent project, The Case, is available for $500 million.

Since he began working as a designer, Gillen has constructed about 25 homes, adding to his net worth of more than $100 million.

Additionally, Gillen’s assets include a variety of vintage car collections. The auto fanatic claimed to own 18 vehicles overall as of 2018, two of which were a 1936 Three-Window and a 1932 Ford Roadster.

Although he has not yet been included in the list of billionaires, his net worth may be quite close to that amount.

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