Alan Dershowitz’s Ex-wife Sue Barlach – Where is she now?

Alan Dershowitz is a well-known criminal defense attorney who has represented high-profile defendants. He was born in 1938 and is well-known for his work in American criminal law as well as his divisive political views. Dershowitz became a political commentator and legal analyst in addition to representing high-profile clients.

Above all, Alan Dershowitz is a devoted father to his three grown children and a devoted husband to Carolyn Cohen, his wife of 35 years. The Dershowitz family’s serenity, on the other hand, arrived slowly and through a series of difficult events. Moreover, we only know a few details about Alan Dershowitz’s ex-wife, Sue Barlach, and little about her life. As a result, we’ll discuss Alan’s first marriage and Sue Barlach, the mother of his two sons.

Prior to his apparent suicide, he worked as a research librarian for a short time.

Alan Dershowitz is a well-known lawyer who has a number of controversies to his credit. There are, however, issues with his first wife, Sue Barlach, or Susan Barlach. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information online regarding Alan Dershowitz’s ex-wife, Sue. Despite the little information we have on her, she appears to have preserved a high level of secrecy.

Sue gained notoriety after marrying Alan Dershowitz. The marriage, however, did not work out, and the former partners had a public divorce instead. In 1976, the lengthy procedure came to a conclusion. She worked as a research librarian for the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union after her divorce and loss of custody.

Sue Barlach
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Sue Barlach tragically drowned in the East River on New Year’s Eve, 1983. It appeared to be a suicide, according to The New Yorker. Surprisingly, there are no facts about the death of Alan Dershowitz’s late partner, Sue. Several conspiracies and tweets have also questioned why and how Sue’s documents have been removed from the internet.

There are also a few articles circulating that claim Alan has a gigantic skeleton in his closet. Furthermore, the research throws more insight on Sue Barlach’s 2007 story. Sue Dershowitz, Alan Dershowitz’s ex-wife, is still a mystery, resting somewhere in peace, despite all the digging.

Alan Dershowitz and the late Sue Barlach, or Susan Barlach, married on June 21, 1959, after 14 years of marriage and two children. As previously said, nothing is known about the couple’s relationship or marriage, although tales of domestic violence and abuse abound. In the Catskills, the former couple met at a Jewish summer camp. When Alan and Sue married, they were both 20 years old and 18 years old.

Sue gave birth to two sons, Elon and Jamin Dershowitz. Elon is a film producer best known for his work on Fallen. Sue’s second son, Jamin, on the other hand, is an attorney like his father. Sue would be a proud grandmother to Lori and Lyle Dershowitz, the offspring of her second child, if she were still alive today.

After a few years, Alan and Sue’s marriage was said to be on the rocks. It was devastating when Elon was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of ten. Despite Elon’s eventual recovery, their marriage was doomed from the start. The couple split up, with Alan focusing on his profession and Sue continuing to tend after the ger boys and live a quiet life.

Inevitably, Alan and Sue divorced in 1975, ending a tumultuous relationship.

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A Difficult Divorce and Child Custody Battle

Sue Barlach had a terrible marriage and had to go through a painful divorce settlement that included alimony and custody, as previously indicated.

Sue Barlach, Alan Dershowitz’s ex-wife, filed for divorce immediately after the couple separated after fourteen years of marriage. In 1976, their case was heard in court. Sue’s health was harmed as a result of Alan’s charges of domestic violence, which necessitated medical treatment and brief psychiatric counseling. Alan, on the other hand, denied any wrongdoing, and their son, Elon, also denied any wrongdoing.

Initially, Alan’s wife, Sue, was given provisional custody of their children, but attorney Dershowitz, who was represented by his buddy Silvergate, wanted sole possession. He eventually hired expert witness Pierre Johannet and obtained exclusive custody of their sons.

It was also a bumpy process settling alimony. Sue alleged that her ex-husband, Alan Dershowitz, had underestimated his income on his tax return. Despite Alan’s answer, which included physicians’ affidavits, the judge ordered him to pay Sue a little sum for the next five years. Alan remarried Carolyn Cohen, a retired neuropsychologist, and had a daughter, Ella Dershowitz, after the divorce.

Sue Barlacha’s marriage was a disaster that ended tragically. Sue Dershowitz, Alan Dershowitz’s ex-wife, is currently at peace, watching over her two sons.

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