Who is Sandra Ankobiah? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

The higher court of life, not the formal court of justice, is where genuine advocacy takes place.

Sandra Ankobiah, a lawyer and TV anchor, is a role model for all social beings because of their legal approach to the societal structure.

Despite having graduated with honors in law, the woman decided not to accept it as gracefully. Sandra’s competitive attitude prevented her from working in Ghana’s cumbersome courts, which moved the processes along slowly.

Sandra continued to pursue a career as a TV presenter as a result. Her experience as a model and fashionista aided in her pursuit of a career in show business. This gave her even more support as she advanced in her career.

Sandra continued to fulfill her obligations as a lawyer despite giving up her childhood dream of defending the rights of her clients.

As a result, Sandra has consistently worked for the underprivileged who cannot afford expensive legal services for their assistance, regardless of her professional accomplishments.

Her contributions to societal advancement even earned her a spot on Women Rising’s 2016 list of the 100 Most Influential Ghanaian Women.

Sandra developed a number of philanthropic organizations to help the less fortunate in her capacity as a legal social worker. Predictably, the lady does not receive any financial or personal benefits from the foundations.

Nevertheless, Sandra’s work as a TV host and businesswoman must offer her a balanced compensation that increases her net worth.

Sandra Ankobiah Husband, Boyfriend

Rumor has it that Sandra once had a romance with Ghanaian artist Paedae. For a number of years, the two made an effort to keep their connection a secret. But the couple ultimately came out and said they were dating in 2015.

Sandra responded that she never claimed she was dating Paedae in response to a fan’s question during a show in 2016 about whether or not she was still seeing Paedae. This did not, however, prove that she had broken up with the rapper.

When Sandra’s friend and presenter Nana Aba Anamoah teased her by publishing a photo of Sandra on Instagram, Sandra’s admirers were the ones who learned for sure that she had broken up with her rapper lover.

Nana asked the visitors to look at such a gorgeous lady, but she had no lover, in the photo’s caption. Sandra was dating her Curve TV, she continued.

After this admission, there were no rumors that Sandra was seeing anyone until she herself tweeted a photo in August 2018 with the remark, “How I smile when he sends a nice message.”

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No male in Sandra’s life has ever had his identity made public. However, her post from November 2018 with radio and TV host Benny Blanco led to some minor rumors that she was dating him.

She stated that she was not dating the man in the photo. However, admirers of Sandra and Benny left some kind remarks for the two in the comments. The majority of them claimed that the two made each other very happy.

Overall, there is no question that the two would make the ideal husband and wife team if they were to get married.

Sandra Ankobiah Biography: Age, Education

Sandra Ankobiah, who was born on May 18, 1983, is now 36 years old. Sandra is said to be a Ghanaian citizen who was born and raised in Accra. The lawyer-social worker hasn’t revealed her true ethnicity, though.

Being a lawyer has always been Sandra’s ideal career since she was little. Sandra went to the University of Buckingham to study International and Commercial Law in the area of World Trader in order to further her studies and achieve her ideal career.

Sandra returned to Ghana for the remainder of her law career after receiving her university degree in 2009.

Sandra attended the Ghana School of Law in Ghana from 2010 to 2012. She completed the necessary legal coursework in Ghana to earn her certification as a lawyer. Additionally, the lady passed the bar exam to become a Barrister in Law in February 2013.

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