Tracy Grimshaw Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Ethnicity

Tracy Grimshaw, an Australian diva, is a television presenter with a scandalous past. She currently hosts A Current Affair and previously co-hosted Today for nine years. She also hosts a political half-hour show on Channel 9.

Tracy is known for using abusive and foul language on-screen, as well as rude behavior, but she is still in the on-screen business thanks to her experience and expertise. Despite her rudeness on-screen, she appears to raise her son in a controlled environment.

Is Tracy Grimshaw Gay Or Straight?

Tracy’s homosexuality was called into question after celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay publicly called her a lesbian and an ugly, fat pig. According to wiki sources, she became a lesbian in high school. Tracy had a brief sexual encounter while at her school camp. She was also said to have had an affair with Deborah Hutton. She is also known for having a large number of sexual partners.

Along with this rumor, she is said to have been married to celebrity chef Gordan Ramsay. Tracy has made no statement about this, and Gordan Ramsay has only called her out for verbally abusing her in 2009.

Gordan Ramsay has been happily married to Tana Ramsay since 1996, so this is a contentious rumor. She does, however, have an adopted son named Chris Williams.

Tracy was also charged with manslaughter in 2004 after allegedly punching her ex-girlfriend Julia Morris after they had been intimate. She was sentenced to six months in prison after such an incident. She pleaded guilty, however, and her partner, Martha Stewart, was responsible for her release.

Biography, Age, Nationality, Parents

Tracy was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on June 3, 1960. She is of white ethnicity and holds Australian citizenship. She towers over everyone at five feet and ten inches tall. Her mother, Barbara Grimshaw, worked as a bank teller, and her father was an unnamed graphic designer.

She grew up with two brothers, one eight years older and one eight years younger. Barara died of lung cancer on September 7, 2011, leaving behind a family of four.

Tracy went to school in her hometown and eventually graduated from university. She had a fluctuating passion and changed her career path from wanting to be a veterinary doctor to tutoring old English literature and finally pursuing journalism.

Tracy began her career as a reporter for National Nine News when she was 21 years old. She began presenting news bulletins in 1985 and morning news in the National Nine Morning News in 1987.

Tracy was accused of pleasing the producers of ACA because she was interested in anchoring in their company, despite the fact that she has not stated anything about it. With all of her success and controversy in her career, she earns an annual salary of more than $650,000.

Tracy Grimshaw Returns to the Media After a Decade

Tracy has boycotted the red carpet since 2009, after being nominated for the worst dress at The 5th TV Logie award. However, after a 9-year hiatus from the red carpet, the 58-year-old TV personality made a triumphant return to the Logie Awards in May 2018.

Tracy wore a loose-fitting red kaftan with a beaded neckline and sleeves. She accessorized her shoulder-length curly hair with curled fringes and red stoned earrings.

On the Jackie O Show in May 2018, she stated that the dress she wore on the red carpet nine years ago was not that bad. She also stated that it was the fault of the cameramen for making her pose incorrectly and make her look bad.

Tracy appears to be feeling good about herself after making a comeback on the red carpet.

She claimed in July 2018 that she was tired of being followed by paparazzi on the street. As a result, she posted two photos on Instagram showing off her make-up-free looks and chastised the paparazzi.

Some celebrities, including model Megan Gale, praised her, while others criticized her appearance.

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