Who Is Lina Lazaar? Married To Rihanna’s Ex-Boyfriend Hassan

As a result of her significant contributions to the Arab creative community, Lina Lazaar, one of the top art critics, was designated one of the “Top 10 Most Influential Women in Middle Eastern Art.”

But Lina Lazaar quickly became well-known after her ex-billionaire husband Hassan Jameel started dating Barbadian music star, Rihanna.

According to tabloids, Hassan had already divorced his ex-wife before meeting the singer. However, his well-known union with Rihanna also ended abruptly. But what about Lazaar’s current love life?

Let’s have a look at her solid family background and more right now!

The parents of Lina Lazaar Contains Two Siblings

The Bazaars are Kamel and Soumaya Lazaar’s parents. Her parents got married in 1980, and they remained married until their separation in 2009. She grew up alongside Rayan and Bashar Lazaar, her two siblings.

In terms of age, Lina will be 38 in 2022. She was born in Carthage, Tunis, Tunisia, in 1983. According to her nationality, she is Tunisian and of Caucasian descent.

Knowledge: studied Lina spent the majority of her childhood at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art in Geneva before relocating to London to further her education. She received an MA in Statistics while there, where she studied at the London School of Economics. The art enthusiast continued to Sotheby’s Institute of Art, where she earned her MA in Art History. Lazaar obtained additional expertise in Post-War and Contemporary Art at Sotheby’s London during this time.

The “Kamel Lazaar Foundation,” which they run, was heavily influenced by Lina Lazaar’s investor father.

The only person who initially encouraged Lisa to pursue a career in the arts was her father Kamel. One of the prominent investment bankers who established Swicorp in Riyadh is Kamel, age 69. The financier is also renowned for his significant philanthropic contributions.

The Kamel Lazaar Foundation (KLF), which was started in 2005, is the organization he founded. The Geneva-based Foundation is governed by Swiss legislation. Additionally, it has branches in Tunis and London. In addition, Lina leads the group as president.

The official website of the organization states that KLF primarily supports artistic and cultural initiatives in the MENA region. KLF specializes in culture and contemporary arts, but it also works on numerous initiatives related to the heritage and educational industries.

In an exclusive conversation with Harper Bazar, Lazaar discussed the KLF.

“Today, KLF continues to build one of the largest collections of visual arts in the Arab world and has aspirations to create a dedicated space for contemporary art in Tunisia. Equally important, however, is that it is actively supporting knowledge production through Ibraaz, artistic production through a cultural hub in the village of Utique, and community building through grants at the same time,” says the organization.

Career as an Art Critic and Curator of Lina Lazaar

Hassan Jameel’s ex-wife organized Sotheby’s first-ever auction of Arab and Iranian contemporary art in 2006, shortly after graduating from the Sotheby’s Institute. The Future of a Promise exhibition was then organized by her for the 54th Venice Biennale in 2011. The show marked the first of a Pan-Arab contemporary art exhibition for the Biennale arts organization.

Additionally, Lina organized the 2017 exhibition The Absence of Paths. She had never before shown at the Venice Biennale. A utopian microcosm of the world, where people can still move freely between different countries, is depicted in the exhibition as “a human performance produced across Venice for the duration of the Biennial.”

Additionally, the best art critic started Jeddah Art Week to showcase artistic events and cultural pursuits of Saudi Arabian art lovers.

On JAW’s Facebook page,

“JAW debuts at a moment when the globe is turning more and more to the Middle East for new creative talent. JAW will host a week of events that will engage the neighborhood in a celebration of the breadth of visual and cultural practices that Jeddah’s art scene has to offer by bringing together local talent and the support of foreign participants.

Is The Man Who Started Jaou Tunis

In 2013, Lina founded the inclusive cultural gathering known as Jaou Tunis. The curator put together several organizations before founding Jaou, including artists, collectors, gallery owners, and others. To promote culture and modern art at the time, she also arranged seminars.

Lazaar once remarked of contemporary art, “I have found it to be an honest arbiter of the most difficult arguments in the most challenging circumstances. It permits for a dynamic expression.”

The major objective of Jaou is to promote Middle Eastern and Maghrebi art and culture globally. The All the World’s a Mosque exhibition at JAOU was organized by Lina in 2015.

The ex-spouse of a celebrity additionally works at Banque Nationale Suisse.

Hassan Jameel, the ex-boyfriend of Rihanna, is Lina Lazaar’s ex-husband. How long did they remain wed?

The art critic was formerly wed to Hassan Jameel, a wealthy businessman from Saudi Arabia. The former couple was married back in 2012. The Paris Opera House hosted their opulent wedding ceremony.

The couple never publicly discussed their marriage, even though it received extensive media coverage. The Sun was informed by a reliable source that Hassan “is an exceedingly private individual.”

They were however unable to maintain their relationship, and in 2017, after dating for five years, they decided to part ways. They didn’t have any children together either.

The Saudi millionaire began dating iconic singer Rihanna soon after they split up.

Hassan’s marriage to Lina was already over, an insider informed The Sun, long before the businessman met Rihanna.

“His marriage was already finished when he met Rihanna because he had divorced Lina, but it still shocked her countless followers. Lina has also moved on and found a new relationship.

A close friend of Rihanna also revealed that the singer was previously aware of her new boyfriend’s recent divorce, but it didn’t matter to her.

In Spain, the couple was first seen together. The erstwhile famous couple then went on a family vacation to Italy. Later, they made an appearance at a Lakers game in Paris from a balcony.

Before their breakup in 2020, Hassan dated his singer-girlfriend for three years.

Has Lina Lazaar ever dated anyone?

during the last few years. Lina has largely kept her private information a secret. According to sources, the art critic started dating her new partner soon after being divorced from her first husband Hassan. The newspaper was informed at the time by a source that “Lina has also moved on with a new partner.”

However, the curator hasn’t revealed the identity of her enigmatic partner or any of her other relationships.

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As of 2022, Lina Lazaar has a net worth of $1 million. She primarily earns a living from her artwork. Zurich, Switzerland, is where she currently calls home.

Her ex-husband Hassan, who comes from the 12th wealthiest Arab family, is thought to be worth $1.9 billion.

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