Who Is Harry Raftus? Here Are Some Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know

Internet personality Harry Raftus, who is presently represented by The Fuel Injector, is well-known for showcasing his college and fraternity lifestyle online.

On Instagram and Tiktok, respectively, Harry Raftus has more than 500,000 and one million followers, demonstrating his popularity and reach on social media.

The TikTok activities of Raftus are a part of a developing social media niche. It contains boisterous and snarky content about college and parties. Learn more about the social media influencer from Orange, California, including information about his past life, his personal life, and an in-depth analysis of his TikTok advantages.

Canada’s Harry Raftus is from.

On December 13, 2000, Raftus was born in Toronto, Canada. He said he had two entirely different friend groups because he played rugby and participated in theater in school.

He began working for Canaccord Genuity Group Inc. as an office administrator in mid-2017 while still a high school student in places like Toronto and Ontario. He was in charge of gathering information about previous fiscal years’ government structures and writing presentations for traders.

AD \sTiktoker At Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, Harry Raftus pursues his studies.

TikToker, Harry Raftus is a part of Chapman’s Phi Delta Theta, California Phi, an international social fraternity. From Instagram
The Dodge College of Film and Media Arts welcomed AD Raftus in 2018. He’s working toward a BA in advertising and public relations. The now-21-year-old will complete his education in 2022.

Harry belongs to Chapman’s Phi Delta Theta, California Phi, an international social fraternity. The Canadian social media star also has a HubSpot Academy certificate in content marketing. Raftus first relocated to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career.

Harry Raftus Became Famous For His Drinking Styles In May 2020, Raftus began posting montages of himself having a good time with friends to the one-minute video app. But it wasn’t until he started downing beers and hard seltzers in various settings that his account started to take off.

Harry primarily gained his 1 million TikTok followers through his videos of beer chugging by July 2021. Raftus shoots a Pabst Blue Ribbon in one of his videos while he is being pecked by a duck. He bottles up a beer amid a snowstorm in another post. Raftus also uses a belch as an outro in almost all of his videos.

Harry has personally promoted content as a social media star for brands like Bumble, HouseParty, and HeardWell. Additionally, he has overseen the music marketing for performers like DJ Snake and The Weeknd. The TikTok star from Ontario has also hosted ticketed events for over 2,000 people across the United States.

He is well-known for a few drinking games.

In addition to being a well-known TikToker, Harry currently serves as the organization’s president and founder. It is a cooperative card game that is played at parties, get-togethers, and other social events.

Additionally, AD Raftus has a partnership with the popular drinking device ChugBud and currently sells a branded item under his name on their website. Additionally, he has a YouTube feature segment, a Business Insider article, and a segment on Young Hollywood.

The college student says he plans to own a clothing brand or an alcohol company in the future.

Has Harry Raftus ever dated anyone?

In a Feb. 2021 interview with Young Hollywood, Harry Raftus stated that he had been single for some time and was relishing the situation more. Raftus added that “anytime soon” he wouldn’t be looking for a romantic partner. But he added that he would think about dating after college.

It appears that for the time being, he is not at all interested in dating. As a result, the master of shotgun beer once acknowledged that he replied to a girl in his direct message but set her up with a friend instead. He described his ideal partner as having a great sense of style, especially when it comes to vintage and thrift streetwear, as well as being funny, intelligent, and ambitious.

An analysis of Harry Raftus’s wealth

The main sources of income for Harry Raftus are brand deals involving alcohol and song promotions. The majority of his TikTok fans and subsequent advertisers are thanks to his drinking prowess. While the drinking-related content of Raftus repels some family-friendly brands, it attracts some major marketers.

According to Business Insider, the Canadian creator has made thousands of dollars from song promotions and additional money from his drinking card game. He is one of the creators who has succeeded in turning partying videos into successful businesses, along with the TikTok collective Sway LA and the YouTube group the Nelk Boys. Not to mention that the beer chugger is known to make a little money from selling goods.

A Few More Details On His Income Model

\Raftus uses a different strategy to monetize his account because his drinking content isn’t suitable for children. He has sponsorship agreements with startups that are involved with drinking, such as the card game Do or Drink, to start.

A sponsored video campaign reportedly costs between $4,000 and $7,500, Harry.

Harry Raftus has sponsorship agreements with companies like Crank Lager, Bomani, Four Loko, and Do or Drink, a maker of card games.

The alcohol enthusiast has also collaborated with businesses like Crank Lager and Bomani, a brand of spiked cold brew. Raftus claims that businesses like Four Loko regularly send him unsolicited free alcohol in the mail. A sponsored video campaign costs between $4,000 and $7,500, he once admitted.

More specifically, the numbers depend on his schedule and how well they align with his writing style. The alleged five-foot-ten-inch tall drinker also makes money by endorsing music on TikTok, earning reportedly between $1,000 and $2,500 for a 30-second TikTok video. Raftus reportedly has direct-to-consumer sales as an additional revenue stream, similar to the Nelk Boys.

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