Who is Diggin Britt? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Her viewers are in awe of the YouTube star’s incredible metal-detecting talent. Although she eagerly divulges every aspect of her work process to the public, advancing in her job with an unconventional zeal, she wants to keep the specifics of her private life private.

Diggin Britt’s Family

Diggin Britt early years, parents, and siblings’ whereabouts is yet unknown. The Texas girl has not yet revealed all of her personal information.

Meanwhile, she was heard discussing her husband in one of the YouTube vlogs.

She admitted that her spouse was so protective that she could only have a female assistant. After confessing, she laughed heartily before saying, “But it’s real. (lighthousedispensary.com) ”

Additionally, she identifies herself as a mother in the bio of her Twitter account, but it’s not clear if she actually has children or only refers to herself as the mother of her pet animal.

Additionally, she shared a photo of herself in 2018 whipping up some delectable trifles with her friends. This is all related to her personal life so far.

Diggin Britt’s Bio, Real Name

It’s possible that many of her admirers are still unaware of her real name. On most popular networks, including YouTube, where she has an incredible 197 thousand subscribers as of 2021, she goes by the name Diggin Britt. Additionally, she has a sizable social media following, with 9.3 thousand Instagram followers and 2,000 Twitter followers.

She did, however, affirm that Brittany is her genuine name. Additionally, Britt hasn’t said how many of her birthday candles she has blown thus far. Her fans are interested in knowing more about her stunning body proportions than just her age.

She has a deer named Dixie and other farm animals that she enjoys living with her on a lovely property in Texas. According to her social media posts, she is a patriot who respects American military heroes and supports former president Donald Trump.

In order to generate money and awareness for the American injured military members, Britt really auctioned off her original works of art. She stated that all proceeds from the auction would go to the Wounded Warrior Project.

According to a source, the gorgeous metal detector, who is thought to be roughly 5-feet-5 inches tall on average, has a net worth of $12,000 based on the money from advertisements on her YouTube channel that are based on how many times viewers click on her videos.

What Has Diggin Britt Dug So Far?

The metal detector is not afraid to get her hands filthy when looking for riches. On August 7, 2016, Britt posted her first video to YouTube, in which she can be seen using a metal detector while wandering along a riverbank on a steamy summer day.

Her treasure-hunting journey has now formally begun since that time. She made an incredible discovery in 2019 while looking for a 120-year-old coin on a Texas farm. She also discovered an Egyptian head artifact at a spooky ranch in the South. Additionally, the most recent update on her YouTube channel was nine months ago, in which she goes hunting in Texas on a scorching summer day with a temperature of 100 degrees.

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