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Damaris Phillips, a well-known chef, and Darrick Wood celebrate their wedding anniversary in a way that is all their own. Phillips recently shared their unique annual tradition of exchanging vows on Instagram as she celebrated her anniversary on July 15.

Darrick Wood and Damaris Phillips: Maintaining Their Love

Damaris Phillips recently shared a custom on Instagram that she and Darrick Wood have been doing on their wedding anniversary every year since they wed in 2015.

The chef shared an unposed, monochromatic photo of the couple on their wedding day, in which they can be seen laughing heartily. A number of their selfies, one for each of their anniversary celebrations, are posted after the happy photo. They have been married for five years, and their love for one another doesn’t seem to have diminished in the least.

Additionally, Phillips added a lengthy commentary to the image that described their delightful custom. She penned,

Darrick and I exchange vows every year as a way to celebrate our marriage. It’s a tradition we learned from the couple responsible for us meeting… I think it gets sweeter every year. Also, I get a new dress, so that’s fun!

Her portion of the tender vow she wrote for her husband was also included in the caption. As she promised in her letter, she pledges to support Darrick’s aspirations and be the greatest friend and partner she can be. She also included in her pledge references to love, forgiveness, and achieving harmony in their union.

Her most endearing vow was,

I promise to work to see you as you change and to fall in love with the different person you become. I promise to help you be ready to leave this life when it is time. If I am able, you will not face this alone. (naltrexone) You are the wo/man that I love. I am ready. Today I take you as the co-captain of the team we are building.

How Did They Meet? Do They Have Kids?

At a wedding, Phillips, and Darrick, stars of the television show Southern at Heart and Guy’s Grocery Games, were introduced by a mutual acquaintance. Soon after meeting, the pair started dating.

The couple had planned a huge celebration for the big day, as described in the Food Network Magazine’s wedding details. The event, which had a total of 235 attendees, was held outside and included first-rate decorations and food.

Phillips didn’t start considering her wedding until after they became engaged. Darrick and Phillips both had similar ideas about how they wanted their special day to go. Darrick proposed holding the ceremony outside, complete with a single dining table set up in the family manner, with vintage china.

According to the schedule, the pair married in front of their friends and family in June 2015. The couple does not currently have any children, although Phillips appeared to be thinking about adoption in a 2018 tweet.

The couple currently lives in their Kentucky home with their two cats as pets. Phillips adores her cat and frequently posts on social media about her animals. Her Instagram post from 2018 stated that her cat Florence was expecting kittens, and the couple was caring for them.

Additionally, the joyfully married couple is still without a kid. However, Phillips’ tweet from 2018 makes it seem like she might be considering adopting a child. In a peculiar request for help on adoption, Phillips responded to one of her Twitter followers.

What Is Her Net Worth?

Phillips gained notoriety in 2013 after finishing in the top three of the Food Network Star competition. She has since routinely participated in a number of cooking programs and has her own television programs.

She does not own a restaurant, unlike other well-known chefs, but she has established herself as a big television personality thanks to the shows Southern at Heart, The Bobby and Damaris Show, and Southern and Hungry.

She began honing her culinary abilities at an early age and is now one of the most accomplished chefs in the industry. Her exact net worth is unclear, although she has undoubtedly accumulated a sizeable fortune from her prosperous career.

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