Has Jake Paul Asked His Girlfriend Julia Rose to Get Married?

Julia Rose has been dating Jake Paul, an Internet celebrity, for quite some time.

However, it’s only recently that Jake Paul and Julia Rose have made their relationship public.

After only a few weeks of letting everyone know they’re dating, marriage rumors have already begun to circulate.

Relationship Status

Rose posted an Instagram message about Paul on August 31, 2021. They were spotted cuddling up to one other in the photo. Rose may be seen hugging him from behind and kissing his left cheek in the photo. While one hand was on top of hers, Paul took the photo with the other.

Her pride in her boyfriend was evident in the text of the photo. The post was made following Paul’s boxing battle versus Tyron Woodley, in which the internet sensation won by unanimous decision.

The model stated of her boyfriend, “Tastes like another win to me,” referring to the fight’s outcome. With an all-caps statement, she also emphasized not to distrust her boyfriend.

But here’s where things start to get interesting. Paul’s comment was the first to appear beneath the post. “Will you marry me?” he asked Rose, adding fuel to the engagement rumors that had been flying for some time.

Rose had been a central figure in the rumors since early August. Everyone was taken aback when she abruptly changed her Instagram username to @juliarosepaul, adopting his surname. Paul clarified their views at the moment. He stated that, despite the fact that they were not married, he planned to propose to her very soon and had even purchased a “beautiful promise-ring-slash-pre-engagement ring” for her.

After an on-again, off-again romance that began in 2020, the couple has arrived at this stage. Rose had a week-long relationship with Harry Jowsey during one of their getaways. Around 2017, she dated Stephen McHugh, a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native. They first met on the fourth season of the reality show Are You The One?

Julia Rose: Who Is She?

Rose is a lot of things other than Paul’s almost-fiancee. She was born on December 30, 1998, the same day as LeBron James, the basketball legend. She’s from New Orleans, according to reports.

In a 2017 interview with Beauty Lee Bar, she said that she began modeling as a result of her passion for travel and photography. She desired to bring art to life.

Rose also discussed her goals and where she sees herself in ten and twenty years. She intended to become a published model, publish a book in the next three years, and be featured in Sports Illustrated at the time. She only wanted to be happy for the next 20 years. Rose has achieved a handful of her objectives. She is currently a published model with her own publication.

ShagMag, her internet adult magazine, launched in March of this year. She co-founded the company with McHugh, and to build popularity, she even exposed her breasts during a baseball game.

It worked, and the good deed was well worth the lifetime ban from baseball games. Her magazine has grown significantly since then, as has her online presence, with nearly 5 million Instagram followers at one point. She also has a podcast called The Sh*tshow, which she hosts.

Will Rose marry one of the internet’s most popular dudes, breaking millions of hearts in the process? Given the current state of affairs, we may not have to wait long for an official declaration.

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