Where Is Michelle Ghent Now? Facts On Terrence Howard’s Ex-Wife

The ex-wife of Empire star Terrence Howard, who is best known for playing Lucius Lyon on FOX, is Michelle Ghent. The couple was together from the late 2000s until the early 2010s; Ghent is Howard’s second wife.

The relationship between Michelle and Howard was highly dramatic, with both people speaking a lot about the other to get public attention. Years ago, they reserved headlines for their allegedly rocky marriage.

Take a look at how the two developed into newsworthy subjects for tabloids in 2011. Know all about Michelle Ghent’s life, including her birthday, work, relationships, and much more.

Michelle Ghent has never disclosed her single identity.

Some sources claim that Ghent was born in or around 1977. Michelle, who is already in her 40s, has lived a mostly secret life. She didn’t even start to attract attention until she ran into her ex-husband.

She allegedly met Terrence Howard, the man who would become her husband, while working as a production assistant.

However, aside from the aforementioned facts, there isn’t much to say about Ghent, especially if it is about her life before the late 2000s.

As a result, the information about her upbringing, her parents, and her race is almost akin to a puzzling enigma.

Michelle Ghent Was An Employee Of Her Ex-Business Husband’s

Michelle used to work for Jeffries Technologies in Los Angeles in the late 1990s. After that, the former Ms. Howard worked as a talent coordinator for the West Los Angeles-based commercial production business MJZ. She then worked for Go Film as a production coordinator.

She was hired by Eric Beauchamp in 2005 to work as a production designer coordinator. She was hired by World Hero, LLC in the same year as well. Before taking on the role of managing partner at Shells To Gold Couture, she would spend three years working for World Hero and Eric.

Ghent worked as the managing coordinator for talent for Howard’s Al Chemist Productions Inc. when they were still dating. She currently co-owns an internet store called Fallyne Collection, according to some accounts.

Terrence Howard and Michelle’s union was kept a secret.

In Los Angeles in January 2010, Howard and Ghent got married. Their union came as a bit of a surprise.

While at Cannes in May 2010, Howard told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that he had married Ghent. “To come here and be with my wife, it’s the nicest feeling in the world,” the Iron Man actor remarked at the time.

The Divorce Report for Michelle and Terrence

In February 2011, Michelle Ghent announced that she and the Ohio-born actor were divorcing. She also asked for a restraining order later that year, alleging that Howard had been violent toward her.

In May 2013, they reached a divorce settlement. Michelle was awarded $5,800 a month at first, but she later requested more money when Howard’s income from the blockbuster show Empire began to increase.

Terrence Howard and Michelle Ghent are divorcing after she accused him of physical violence and adultery.
In May 2013, the court granted Terrence Howard and Michelle Ghent’s divorce. from Getty AP
The initial deal, however, was rejected by the court in 2015 after a judge determined that Howard had consented to some divorce terms under duress after Ghent threatened to sell nude photographs of Howard and other personal information.

In additionally to cheating on Michelle Ghent, she beat Howard

Ghent charged Howard with domestic abuse and adultery in her initial divorce petition.

Additionally, she had claimed spousal support for the native of Cleveland to cover her legal costs.

The Los Angeles resident and her team alleged that Howard physically and emotionally abused her before, during, and after their marriage. She filed a lawsuit against Howard for defamation and intentional infliction of mental distress.

Ghent said that Howard began beating her only one week after their wedding and that at one point he even made a death threat against her.

In May 2013, their divorce was formally finalized.

Ghent claimed that while attempting to reconcile, her ex-husband gave her a black eye.
Then, in July 2013, she went back to court and asserted that, during an effort at reconciliation in Costa Rica, her ex-husband had choked and assaulted her.

Terrence Howard allegedly inflicted his ex-wife with a black eye in July 2013 to patch things up.
While on vacation in Costa Rica, Michelle Ghent claimed that her ex-husband Terrence gave her a black eye. Radar Online as a source

Ghent then issued a temporary restraining order against Howard while sporting a black eye.

Terrence Defending himself against Michelle’s accusations, Howard

Howard, on the other hand, filed his court documents to refute the accusations made against him in reaction to his former wife’s black eye accusation. He retorted that Ghent was extorting him.

The Oscar nominee said that Michelle was threatening to divulge his personal information to third parties to benefit financially unless she was paid.

She was accused of lying by Howard. He insisted that he never touched her.

Howard Suspected Michelle battled paranoia and attempted suicide once.

Allegedly there were also some unpleasant text messages which Terrence received from his ex-wife. And in one of the texts to Terrence, she allegedly stated, “I’m just insane. I went to a strange institute.”

To the police, the father of five revealed Michelle once tried to commit suicide. He also recounted taking her to the hospital where she was diagnosed with paranoia.

In August 2015, Howard and his team revealed audio recordings of Ghent where she threatened Howard to grant her the settlement she demanded, or she would expose personal videos of them. As per the tapes, she also threatened to release the actor’s damning medical reports.

Michelle Ghent’s Ex-Husband Terrence Howard Married Another Woman

During the 2015 hearing, the court also heard a taped phone call between Michelle and Terrence. It features Howard declaring his love to Ghent shortly after he married Pak in October 2013.

The Ray star stated,

“I will never love someone as I loved you. You are my fantasy of all time.”

Ghent then questioned Howard why he damaged her heart twice and why he married Pak if he still loved her.

To this Terrence answered, he wanted a chance to be OK and to just settle.

Michelle Lost The 2015 Case Against Her Former Partner
After hearing the phone records, the court although resolving the case in Terrence’s favor in Spousal Support Dispute, still dubbed him a “Bully.”

The judge in L.A.’s Superior Court decided to find in Howard’s favor. He overturned the initial spousal support agreement and ruled the Hawaii Five-O actor signed them under coercion.

The jurat found that Michelle “exerted coercive control over Terrence.” He, therefore, ruled Terrence’s felt threatened.

Ghent later said she found the officials’ declaration disappointing.

Howard also requested a restraining order, claiming that his ex-wife maced him and assaulted his adult daughter as well as another family member. The court, however, denied his request.

In 2019, Michelle Ghent Won Over $1 Million From Terrence Howard

In June 2018, the Blast obtained some court documents that said Michelle Ghent claimed Howard hid his Empire money from her and owed her over $1 million in back support.

Due to his rise in salary from the Empire series, Terrence Howard ended up paying over $ 1 million to his former wife.
Terrence Howard’s former wife, Michelle Ghent won around $ 1 million from the actor in spousal support. from Getty AP
This time, the second wife of Howard prevailed and in 2019, the court ordered Terrence to pay Ghent a hefty sum.

The officials ordered him to pay her $1.3 million — $263,137 in owed spousal support and an additional $1,055,970 due to his rise in income from the Empire’s fame.

Terrence Admitted To Cheating On Michelle

Of all the allegations his former spouse threw at Terrence, he has admitted to cheating on her during their engagement with multiple women. The Family Matters star though explained he did so primarily because he and Ghent were not “sexually compatible.”

Howard said he still decided to marry Ghent because he was a Jehova’s Witness at the time and believed he should try to be monogamous.

Michelle Ghent Allegedly Had Herpes; She Also Did Some Drugs

Howard admitted to using drugs with Ghent. He acknowledge the two had used marijuana, cocaine, and ecstasy. He additionally said he and Ghent had had a threesome.

In one of the interviews, Howard stated that either he gave Ghent herpes or she gave it to him. Ghent, however, denied any wrongdoing.

Michelle Ghent And Terrence’s Life After The Divorce

Some months had passed since the court finalized Howard and Ghent’s divorce, and the former exchanged vows with model and restaurateur Miranda Pak. The two remained in a marital union for two years before divorcing in 2015. Before that, they had one son. They, nonetheless, reconciled and welcomed another son in 2016. Two years later, they got engaged for the second time in Dec 2018.

Way before Miranda and even Ghent, Terrence was the husband of Lori McCommas with whom he had three children, Aubrey, Heaven, and Hunter.

On the other hand, there’s not even the slightest mention that could have explained what Michelle’s current romantic facet looks like. And the fact that – the brunette is seemingly quiet around socials – hasn’t helped much either.

The knowledge as to whether Michelle is married or has children with the new partner, for now, henceforth, remains to the people inside her circles only.

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