Where Is Sharon Marie Huddle Now? All About Joseph James DeAngelo’s Ex-Wife

Sharon Marie Huddle

Sharon Marie Huddle is an attorney who specializes in family law. She is also one of the founding members of the National Coalition Against Surrogacy. Aside from her professional endeavors, Sharon made headlines as the ex-wife of serial killer, notorious rapist, and Vietnam War veteran Joseph James DeAngelo. Between 1974 and 1986, the meticulous criminal … Read more

All About Markus Persson’ Ex-Wife Elin Zetterstrand: Wiki, Health, Children

Elin Zetterstrand

Elin Zetterstrand is best known as Markus Persson’s ex-wife. Her ex-husband is the creator of the video game Minecraft. He eventually sold the game for a billion dollars. When it comes to Elin Zetterstrand and Markus’s relationship, their marriage is doomed to fail. The big question here is whether the former couple has children. If … Read more

Anette Qviberg Is The Ex-Wife Of Dolph Lundgren: Daughter, Career

Anette Qviberg

Anette Qviberg works as a jewelry and interior designer as well as a fashion stylist. However, she was recognized for her relationship rather than her professional achievements. The lovely Anette is the ex-wife of Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren. Anette Qviberg is also the mother of two daughters by her ex-husband. Even though she has been … Read more

Where Is Ric Flair’s Ex-Wife Elizabeth Flair Now? Untold Facts About Her

Elizabeth Flair

Elizabeth Flair is a popular reality TV personality. She is most known as the former spouse of the late American professional wrestler Ric Flair. Elizabeth was the subject of his marriage, which lasted the longest of all his unions. Despite their divorce, Elizabeth Flair continues to be mentioned in the media for the same reason. … Read more

Elizabeth Ann Weber: Inside The Life Of Billy Joel’s Ex-Wife

Elizabeth Ann Weber

Billy Joel, a musician, singer-songwriter, and composer who has received six Grammy awards, was formerly married to Elizabeth Ann Weber. Billy Joel has one of the longest and most successful music careers in history, and his songs have endured as timeless classics. The ex-husband of Elizabeth Ann Weber from her music career has amassed an … Read more

Where Is Sherrill Sajak Now? Untold Details About Pat Sajak’s Ex-Wife

Sherrill Sajak

The first spouse of American television celebrity Pat Sajak is Sherrill Sajak. Only after her marriage to Pat, the host of Wheel of Fortune, did she start to become well-known in the media. Sadly, Sherrill Sajak only stayed married for a short time before divorcing him. Sherrill and her spouse had been estranged for a … Read more

What Is Marie Riccio Up To After Divorce With Carl Ruiz? Parents, Children

Marie Riccio

As the former spouse of the late celebrity chef Carl Ruiz, Marie Riccio (also known as Marie Kirby) gained notoriety. Together, the pair owned and operated Marie’s Italian Specialties, a renowned Italian deli and cafe. Marie Riccio became the only proprietor of the diner following their divorce. Sadly, Marie’s ex-husband died at the young age … Read more

Untold Facts Of Christopher Russell’s Wife & Their Married Life

Christopher Russell

Christopher Russell is a well-known Hallmark actor best known for his role as Lieutenant Milton Richter in Star Trek: Discovery. Russel, a first-generation Canadian born to British parents, began his career in the show business at a young age and has already worked on several successful Hallmark on-screen projects. In contrast to his professional career, … Read more