What Is Corey Tyler’s Ex-Wife Stephanie Luby Doing Now?

Singer Corey Taylor’s ex-wife is Stephanie Luby. Since her connection to the Slipknot frontman, she has attracted a lot of attention. Before calling it quits, the couple spent several happy years as a married couple.

Stephanie Luby and Corey made an ideal couple while they were still married. She was even referred to by the Slipknot following as being the ideal partner for their hero, Corey. Unfortunately, their relationship also ended, as do all wonderful things. Since then, followers have been curious about Stephanie’s current activities.

Let’s learn all the fascinating information about the former celebrity wife in this article and look at some deep aspects of her work!

Luby, Stephanie Young Adulthood And Childhood

She was born in the United States on December 26th, 1978. She is an American and is of Caucasian ancestry, according to her nationality. She was born and raised in the state of Nevada, according to sources. She currently resides in Henderson, Nevada.

There isn’t a lot of information accessible regarding her early years. But we do know that she moved about quite a bit as a child. In Des Moines, Iowa, at Roosevelt High School, she finished her official schooling.

Stephanie has never spoken anything about her parents or siblings in conversation. She took maintaining her privacy very seriously. She resisted talking openly about her family even when she was married to Taylor.

She worked in the music industry as well.

Stephanie used to work behind the scenes for various bands, which many of you might not be aware of. For instance, she coordinated the production of Linkin Park’s fifth EP, LP Underground 5.0, where she worked. Six songs from their 2005 Live 8 performance comprised the album.

Additionally, she provided additional managerial assistance for Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park’s first EP, Fort Minor Militia, back in 2006.

It is plausible to assume that she may have assisted the band with behind-the-scenes work while she was dating Corey.

What is Stephanie Luby doing now that she and her ex-husband, Corey, are divorced?

She has essentially disappeared from the media after her split with Corey. It appears that Luby doesn’t maintain an active social media presence. It appears that she has changed the alias on her social media profiles.

Additionally, her spouse Corey is a frequent user of social media. He has more than two million followers on Instagram.

Despite this, Stephanie keeps a quiet profile. Hope everything in her life is going well and without any issues.

Taylor and Stephanie Luby Relationship: They Were Married

According to reports, the former couple began dating sometime in or around 2008. Corey had recently divorced his first wife at the time. Steph and Corey started dating after they chanced upon one another for the first time.

Luby, Stephanie Stephanie Taylor and Corey Taylor were wed from 2009 to 2017.

They became engaged after dating for a few months, and then the couple’s wedding day arrived. On November 13, 2009, they were married in a lavish ceremony.

To Metallica’s For whom the bell Tolls, the ex-lovers made their way down the aisle. It was a small gathering with only about 350 people there. The Palms Hotel in Las Vegas served as the location of the wedding.

Big celebrities like Mark McGrath, Dave Navarro, and Billy Morrison all sang at the ceremony, which was more like a concert than a wedding. Yes, the groom joined his friends on stage as well.

One of Corey’s songs was inspired by their divorce.

Prior to everything starting to fall apart, their marriage was going fine. According to sources, Corey made the decision to end their long-term marriage in early 2017.

Interesting fact: His divorce may have served as the impetus for the song Solway Forth. Evidently, that was one of his worst moments. The song was the result of his battle with divorce and his efforts to curb his inclination to consume drugs.

At first, not many people were aware of their separation, and Taylor didn’t reveal it until December of that year. When rumors began spreading on his son Griffin’s social media account, the Slipknot frontman chose to speak up about the situation instead of keeping quiet.

Taylor criticized all rumors spreaders in a tweet, saying:

I’ll clarify the situation even though some of you don’t deserve it because ‘people’ want to spread rumors on my son’s Instagram. I’ve been estranged for almost a year. I just recently started dating someone. My FRIENDS were aware. YOU are aware now. I’ll just say, “DROP IT.”

They separated in 2016, and their divorce was formalized the following year, in 2017. There were no biological children born to the former couple.

Corey and Alicia Dove have been married since 2019. CHERRY BOMBS, an all-girl dance crew, was founded by her. Immediately following Corey’s divorce from his wife, they began dating. Taylor has been married three times; her first union lasted from 2004 to 2007 with Scarlett Stone.

Altogether Griffin Parker Taylor, born in 2002, Angeline Taylor, born in 1992, and Aravis Taylor are Corey’s three children.

What is Stephanie Luby’s estimated net worth?

She undoubtedly obtained a sizable sum of money in her divorce settlement following her split from Corey. Given the $10 million net worth of her husband Corey, she might have received a few million dollars in the divorce settlement.

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