Scott Snyder Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Nationality, Dating

Who didn’t want to be the Superheroes of DC Comics and Marvel as a kid and have superpowers? The heroic people behind the scenes are the ones who make those superheroes come true.

One of them is American comic writer Scott Snyder, who has dedicated his talents to making the stories more exciting.

Scott Snyder’s Biography

Scott was born on January 15, 1976, in New York, to Jon Robert Snyder and Wendy Snyder.

He became interested in writing when he was nine years old. Scott was at a summer camp when his counselor read him Stephen King’s Eye of the Dragon.

The book sparked his interest in writing further. So, in order to further his writing career, Scott attended Brown University and graduated with a degree in Creative Writing in 1998.

Scott went to work for Walt Disney after graduating. Scott’s writing career took off with the publication of his first collection of stories, Voodoo Heart, in 2006.

As of now, he has a long list of comics and writings to his credit, including Batman, Swamp Thing, Superman Unchained, and DC Comics.

Scott not only gets to live his dream of becoming a writer like Danny Baker, but he also gets paid well. He is expected to earn $48,000 per year as a writer. However, as a writer in the comic book industry, he can earn between 80 and 100 million dollars.

Relationship Status: Single?

Scott, who is of average height, has a successful professional life as well as a happy personal life. He is now happily married to his beautiful girlfriend-turned-wife, Jeanie Ripton.

The couple has two sons and a loving relationship. Scott’s eldest son’s name is Jack, and his younger son’s name is Emmett. He enjoys a wonderful relationship with his family.

Scott mentions his sons and wife on Twitter and Instagram at the appropriate times. On Father’s Day, for example, he posted a photo on Instagram with his sons.

Despite his busy schedule and career, Scott always makes time for his sons. Interestingly, while reading comic books with his sons, he refreshes his childhood memories.

Scott tweeted on August 25, 2018, that he was reading a manga with his younger son. Scott does not have extramarital affairs with girlfriends and is far from gay because he has a beautiful family and an even more beautiful wife.

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