Nicholas Petricca Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Career, Nationality

Nicholas Petricca is the lead singer and founder of the rock band Walk the Moon. Despite being the group’s lead singer, he also plays the keys and synthesizer.

Nicholas founded the organization in Cincinnati in 2005. Since then, the four-member boy band has amassed a sizable fan base. Walking on the Moon is the name of a favorite The Police song.

Career and Net Worth

Since his college days, Nicholas has pursued his interest in contemporary and pop music. Nicholas and his band members have experienced many highs and lows in their career, from forming a band to establishing it as a strong contender in the music industry.

However, they eventually climbed the music charts and impressed critics with their distinct musical sense. I Want! I Want!, the band’s self-released debut studio album, peaked at #36 on the Billboard 200 chart. In addition, Shut Up and Dance and Talking Is Hard spent seven weeks in the top five on Billboard’s all-genre Hot 100 chart in 2015.

Shut Up and Dance earned them numerous awards and accolades. During the process, the band must have provided a lavish lifestyle for each of its members. Nicholas, the group’s leader and founder, has amassed a massive net worth of $6 million as a result of his dedication and consistency. In September 2018, he even paid $2 million for a Spanish-style home in Hollywood Hills.

Nicholas Petricca Wife, Gay Nicholas, at the age of 32, looks dapper in his stylish haircut and enviable height, and is thus a heartthrob to a sizable number of fans.

During his 2015 Philippine mall tour, Nicholas casually mentioned his ex-girlfriend being a Filipino and a musician. He has not revealed his dating status as of yet. He has never mentioned being married or having a girlfriend.

However, Sara Montez, a rising star, frequently appears in his Instagram posts. Sara and Nicholas’ ‘we’re-dating’ photos have sparked a lot of speculation. However, both have chosen to remain silent on the subject.

They may have valid reasons for withholding the truth. If they are romantically involved, they will undoubtedly make some announcements sooner or later.

Furthermore, his failure to be open about his relationship status has led to rumors that he is gay. The story could also be related to his unwavering support for gay rights and marriage. Only Nicholas can put an end to the rumors about his sexual orientation.

Biography and Wiki

Nicholas Petricca’s birthday is February 16th. His parents, who loved and supported him unconditionally, raised him in Ohio. Nicholas hasn’t said much about his family so far.

When Nicholas’ father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in the summer of 2016, the band canceled a tour so that the singer-guitarist could be with his father in his final days.

It was heartbreaking to watch his father battle the disease. Nicholas remained by his side and witnessed his death.

He frequently shares throwback memories of his late father on social media.

Nicholas will be eternally grateful to his parents for raising him to be the star he is today.

He studied music at Kenyon College in Ohio. The music faculty there blew his mind, and he ended up taking more music classes as time passed, never expecting to make a career out of it.

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