Mitchy Collins Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Nationality, Dating

Mitchy Collins became the lead vocalist for the indie rock band Lovelytheband in 2016. Initially, the group was more of a side project. But as the songs came together, Mitchy decided to go big and put more thought into it.

Mitchy Collins, Jordan Greenwald, and Sam Price, all of whom are of the same ethnicity, bonded quickly. Their bond could also be one of the reasons for the band’s unexpected success.

With their first single, they reached a new level of success. Broken, their debut single, was number one on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart for five weeks in a row. Broken has also received millions of Spotify streams and millions of YouTube views.

Prior to forming the band, Mitchy was a member of the folk-pop group Oh Honey, alongside Orange Is the New Black star Danielle Bouchard. To begin 2014, their single, Be Okay, was added to the Sirius XM rotation.

Relationship Status: Single?

As inquisitive as fans and followers can be, the musician keeps their interest alive. He has not been involved in any dating rumors with his girlfriend. It’s unclear whether he’s currently dating or has ever dated anyone.

Even if the media doesn’t catch Mitchy, he may have some romantic stories (good or bad) to tell. Hopefully, he will talk about his love life someday. Fans can only wait for him to speak up or for someone to delve deeply into his life.

Mitchy, on the other hand, proposed to Minka Kelly on January 10, 2012. It was unclear whether he was joking or serious, but he did openly flirt.

Maybe it caught her off guard, or maybe she wasn’t ready to be his wife, because the musician later tweeted that he needed a girlfriend or something in September of the same year.

His relationships most likely did not work out, as Mitchy stated in an interview with The Daily Californian,

It’s just my life – dealing with depression and anxiety, girls who don’t love me back, relationships I’ve messed up, selfish behavior, you know, the usual.

As a result, on August 23, 2018, instead of a girlfriend, he went on a date night with his bandmate, Jordan Greenwald. Mitchy’s love life is currently out of the spotlight. He makes mistakes in his relationship, but with whom is still unknown.

Nonetheless, there is no doubt that he is a superb musician who has captured the hearts of many. And, despite the fact that his relationship with his girlfriend did not work out for whatever reason, Mitchy’s love for music remains strong.

Bio of Mitchy Collins

Mitchy Collins, who was born in Bedminster, New Jersey in 1987, celebrates his birthday on December 29 every year. In terms of his parents, Mitchy’s father died in 2001, when he was around the age of 13. His mother raised him and his twin sister after that.

Mitchy wished his mother, who acted as both mother and father to him and his sister, a happy father’s day on Father’s Day in 2016. He referred to all the single mothers out there as true heroes.

Mitchy also misses his father, who is frequently mentioned in the musician’s posts and tweets. He possesses the characteristics of a good son who is concerned about his family.

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