Meet Knox Blue Howey – Sarah Shahi’s Son And Husband Steve Howey

Sarah Shahi, an Iranian-American actress, and Steve Howey, an American actor, have been married for ten years. They met in 2004, got engaged in Hawaii in 2007, and married in 2009. The couple’s three gorgeous children are William Wolf Howey and twins, son Knox Blue Howey, and daughter Violet Moon Howey. Sarah’s first kid, William, was born in July 2009, and the twins were born on March 1, 2015.

With the addition of two twins, Sarah Shahi’s family has gotten even sweeter. Let’s discover more about Sarah Shahi’s adorable baby boy, Knox Blue Howey.

Actor Parents

Knox Blue Howey was born into a family of talented actors. Sarah Shahi is best recognized for her role in the television show People of Interest, while Steve Howey is well known for his performance in the film Shameless. Both parents have been able to dedicate time to their children because they have worked in the entertainment industry for such a long time.

Knox Blue Howey, Sarah Shahi’s kid, has been on movie premieres and magazine covers alongside his parents and brothers.

Rebonded His Parents

When Knox was born, both of his parents were focused on their professions. His mother Sarah was filming People of Interest in New York City, while his father Steve was filming Shameless in Los Angeles. The twins were with Sarah, while the eldest, William, was with Steve. Despite the fact that they were all in different places, they just became stronger.

Knox Blue Howey
Caption: Baby Knox Blue Howey with his parents and siblings Source: Pinterest

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According to Steve Howey in an interview with People Magazine, they formed a routine. It wasn’t flawless in any way. However, via discourse, they were able to figure it out. The twins Violet and Knox revived their parents’ bond.

Influence of A Documentary

The couple decided to give birth at home after watching the documentary The Business Of Being Born while Sarah was pregnant with Knox and Violet. Sarah’s twins were born at home with the help of her husband Steve and a midwife.

Sarah’s twins, Knox and Violet, were born healthy despite not being delivered under competent medical supervision.

Not A Steve or Michael

Papa Steve admitted in an interview with People magazine that the naming process is always challenging. Even if they come up with a variety of names, they aren’t always in agreement. However, they would never name their child ‘Steve’ or ‘Michael.’ After much deliberation, they chose ‘Knox,’ which their father Steve described as “old-timey.”

Knox has a clear bond with his parents and brothers. Sarah Shahi’s little champion, Knox Blue Howey, should grow up to be a healthy and happy youngster, we hope.

Name Meaning: Sarah Shahi’s Son Knox Blue Howey

Knox is a Scottish name for a person who lives on a “round hill.”

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