Here’s All You Need To Know About Paige Maddux – Greg Maddux’s Daughter!

Greg Maddux, an American collegiate baseball coach, built a name for himself as one of baseball’s most effective pitchers.

Greg Maddux rose to prominence as a result of his exceptional abilities while playing for the Atlanta Braves and the Chicago Cubs.

Fortunately, his personal life is as happy as his professional life. He is happily married to Kathy Ronnow, with whom he has two children, Paige Maddux and Chase Maddux.

Greg Maddux’s Marriage: A Look Inside

Maddux’s wedding appears to be something out of a storybook. He met his future wife Ronnow while both of them were students at Valley High School in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Their friendship became stronger over time and evolved into a partnership. And they didn’t leave any stone unturned in their efforts to improve their relationship. So much so that, despite the MLB player’s numerous struggles and tribulations, their love remained unshakeable.

With their family’s approval, the couple married in 1988. On December 9, 1993, five years after their wedding, they had their first child, Amanda Paige.

Maddux forewent top-tier contracts that year in order to be closer to his family. According to reports, the New York Yankees offered him $37.5 million, while the Chicago Cubs were willing to sign him for $27.5 million plus $1.5 million in incentives. However, the coach chose the $28 million agreement with the Atlanta Braves because it would keep him close to his wife and kid. Chase, the couple’s second child, was born four years later, in 1997.

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Paige Maddux is his daughter

Paige Maddux, Maddux’s daughter, is a philanthropist. She attended the University of San Diego, where she studied nonprofit leadership and administration, as well as media studies and communication. She has a lot of experience in her chosen industry at the age of 27.

Paige began her career with the San Diego Padres in 2016 as a community relations intern, where she trained for five months. The young humanitarian then went on to work as a director of philanthropy at the Rady Children’s Hospital in December 2016.

She has been actively involved in efforts to support underprivileged people since then. She’s also a big supporter of The Baller Dream Foundation, which helps cancer patients and their loved ones. Paige’s family has been surprisingly supportive of her professional decision, which is to be anticipated. Maddux is a philanthropist who frequently provides and raises funding for political causes.

Not only that, but there’s more. 50% of his proceeds from cameo requests, according to his Twitter bio, go to the Rady Children’s Hospital. On his 27th birthday, the Texas native backed his daughter’s fund-raising initiative to help sick and injured children, as is his inclination.

Paige selected a different career path than her father, but Chase, Paige’s 24-year-old brother, has followed in his father’s footsteps. The youthful athlete, like Maddux, is a pitcher at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

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