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Lisa Borders, the inspirational woman, was born on November 25, 1957, according to her bio. She grew up in a family that was highly regarded by society for their contributions to social causes. Her grandfather, Rev. William Borders, was a civil-rights activist who collaborated with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and her father practiced internal medicine for the benefit of society.

As a result, she received a proper education because her family encouraged her to learn and gain knowledge.

Lisa, 61, is a supporter of gay rights and equality, and she even marched in New York’s ‘Pride Parade’ on June 26th, 2016.

Personal Life of Lisa Borders: Husband, Son Allegation

Lisa, a single mother, divorced her husband when her son, Garry “Dijon” Bowden Jr., was only two years old.

She struggled to raise her son so that she could provide him with a proper upbringing.

Lisa’s ex-husband was a medical student who moved to Boston with her after they married.

Furthermore, Lisa’s ex-identity husband’s was revealed through a couple of Instagram posts by Garry about reconnecting with his father.

The posts revealed how Garry met his father and his feelings of loneliness as a child growing up with his mother, who was always busy with her work.

Lisa Borders and her son, Garry “Dijon” Bowden Jr., pose for a mother-son photograph on January 10, 2019 (Photo: Garry “Dijon” Bowden Jr.’s Instagram).

Moving on, Lisa’s son, Garry, is a podcaster and life coach, both of which he does professionally.

He was recently accused of sexually assaulting yoga instructor Celia Gellert after she agreed to his ‘healing session’ offer.

Celia claimed that Garry groped her, kissed her neck, and brushed his erect penis against her body during the session.

However, Garry, who did not agree with the allegation leveled against him, stated that he did not engage in inappropriate touching with her.

Furthermore, he displayed a message sent by Celia thanking him for the massage, which was “gentle, authentic, and loving.”

Lisa immediately resigned from her position as CEO of Time’s Up after learning of her son’s death in February of this year to defend her son, Garry.

The final verdict has yet to be delivered, which will undoubtedly reveal the truth.

Salary and Net Worth

Lisa Borders is one of the most inspirational women who has always come forward to encourage and support women.

She was President of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) and Vice President of Global Community Affairs at The Coca-Cola Company during this time.

She also served as president of the Atlanta City Council in Atlanta, Georgia, from 2004 to 2010, after being elected in a special election.

Despite the fact that she has changed organizations and roles within them, her goal remains the same: to encourage women and provide a platform for women to fight for safe, fair, and dignified workplaces.

She has achieved success, fame, and a decent net worth through her long-working career. Today, many self-sufficient women honor her.

In terms of her net worth, Lisa has kept her total net worth hidden from the public.

She has, however, amassed a sizable fortune, if not a fortune, from her long tenure at Atlanta City Council, where the average salary of the CEO is $149K per year.

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