Levy Tran Bio, Age, Nationality, Parents, Net Worth, Height, Instagram

Sometimes your path takes a complete turn, which happens to change your life for the better. And you can’t help but admire what has happened to you. Furthermore, you work on it in order to add the grace you need to take your achievement to the next level.

Levy Tran, the stunning actress-model, began her career as a kindergarten teacher. She was always a confident and outspoken lady.

As a result, most people assume she works in counseling or social work. Levy, on the other hand, decided to try his hand at modeling.

Soon after, she began working as a tattoo model, and her attractive features drew the attention of prominent filmmakers. As a result, she began auditioning for movies and television shows.

Currently, Levy is best known for her role in the film Furious 7. Levy is also known for her roles in the television series Gun Girl and Shameless.

Levy Tran:Bio, Age, Family

Levy Tran, a famous actress born in 1983, is currently 36 years old. Levy, who was born Vy Le Tran in San Jose, celebrates her birthday on April 8th every year.

Levy was born into an Asian family; his parents were Vietnamese. In California, they raised Levy alongside her sister, Chi Rulapaugh.

Levy still lives in San Jose, California, and has grown into a celebrity.

Levy’s height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 meters) complements her body measurements of 32-24-35 inches nicely. She has unquestionably made her family proud of the person she has become.

Is Levy Tran Married?

Although Levy is open with her fans about her family life, she has been quiet about her romantic relationships. The lady has not recently revealed anything about her love life.

However, Levy did mention her boyfriend in some of her social media posts in 2013. Her posts confirmed that she had a boyfriend at the time.

Furthermore, based on the posts, it appeared that Levy and her boyfriend were deeply in love and spent a lot of time together.

However, Levy later stopped posting about him entirely. This fueled speculation among her fans that they were no longer dating. Levy, on the other hand, never confirmed that she was no longer in a relationship with him.

Some of her admirers, on the other hand, do not believe Levy has been living a single life since then. They believe Levy is already married, but she avoids discussing her personal life in public.

Levy, on the other hand, has never confirmed her marital status. And her fans are hoping that she will share all of her special moments with them.

Hopefully, Levy lives up to her fans’ ideal expectations of her.

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