All About Angie Varona Biographical Information, Boyfriend, Parents, and Ethnicity!

Angie Varona, an American model, became a target of public humiliation and shame in 2007 after indecent images of her leaked on the internet.

Angie Varona was a teenager at the time, and she suffered from acute depression, turning to drugs as a coping technique. But, as she quickly found, medications are never a solution.

Angie, now a prominent model and internet personality, regards the occurrence as a small setback in her life, implying that she has moved on. And she has nothing more to ask for with a loving and supportive boyfriend.

Relationship Status

Since she was a teenager, Angie has been actively dating. Angie boldly boasted about some of her relationships, despite the fact that she may have kept some details about her dating life disguised.

Angie was 14 years old when she began seeing a boyfriend who she described as “dumb.” It was at this point that the online debate started.

Angie, now 25, posted a few provocative photographs on Photobucket while attempting to send them to her boyfriend. Her account, however, was hacked, and the photos were leaked online. Angie stated she was the “high school sl*t.” Due to her melancholy, she even turned to narcotics.

Only after her parents, Juan and Maria Varona called the FBI was the problem rectified. Angie is no longer dating her ex-boyfriend. After that, she dated a guy named Nico for a brief time.

Associated with Boyfriend

Angie has been in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend, who goes by the Instagram handle Loaf Life. Loaf’s Instagram bio indicates that he is a designer by trade. While Angie was in law school, the pair met for the first time.

Angie and her partner aren’t afraid to show off their relationship in public. They frequently post images of their love for one another and are frequently observed together.

While Angie has not announced any intentions to marry, she has stated her desire to stay with her lover for as long as possible.

Early Life

Angie (Angelina) Varona is a famous American model known by her stage name Princess Mononoke. Angie, who was born in Florida in 1993, celebrates her birthday on September 11th.

Her bio describes her as a Florida International University graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Government.

Angie, who is Caucasian in origin, is particularly well-liked for her striking bodily traits. Her Instagram fans, who number in the millions, are obsessed with her measurements. With a height of only five feet and two inches, Angie is not a tall lady. Her physique measurements, on the other hand, are enough to make any woman envious.

She has a body measurement of 37-24-35 inches and wears a bra size 32 B/C. Angie has also maintained a healthy weight, weighing only 112 pounds as of March 2019.

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