Learn All About Corpse Husband Net Worth and The YouTubers Merch And Other Earning Sources

One of the most influential platforms for sharing one’s talent, stories, or opinions is the internet. Corpse Husband, a popular internet personality, is one of the millions who have used the space. The YouTuber has no face, but he is known for his powerful voice.

Furthermore, Corpse Husband began narrating horror stories on his YouTube channel in 2015 and continued doing so until 2020. He began his musical career a year later and has amassed a sizable fan base. As a result of his years of hard work and dedication, Corpse Husband’s net worth must have skyrocketed.

Net Worth And Career Of Corpse Husband

Corpse Husband, an anonymous YouTuber, has been active on and off over the last five years. His fans, on the other hand, have remained loyal throughout the months-long hiatus. (outdoorelementsusa.com) With his deep voice, he was able to attract millions of fans to his channel by reading scary stories.

Furthermore, Corpse Husband has amassed a sizable fortune through his social media career, and his enigmatic persona is adored by his followers. Similarly, thanks to his streams of the video game ‘Among Us,’ Corpse’s YouTube engagement has doubled this year.

Corpse has launched a musical career in addition to YouTube, but he is hesitant to reveal his identity anytime soon. As a result, the enigmatic persona has helped Corpse Husband’s fortune double over the years.

Income from YouTube

As previously stated, Corpse Husband’s net worth has more than doubled in recent years as a result of his colossal YouTube family.

Corpse Husband began his YouTube career in 2015 and has amassed 7.27 million subscribers and over a hundred videos in just five years.

Corpse Husband’s estimated YouTube earnings are $25.7K – $410.4K per year and $2.1K – $34.2K per month, according to Social Blade. Similarly, his channel’s engagement is unfathomable, and his total views have already surpassed 200 million.

The Net Worth of Corpse Husband

From his main YouTube channel, Corpse Husband makes a lot of money. Corpse’s Instagram account was used to create this image.

As a result, Corpse’s fortune as a deep-voiced anonymous YouTuber is enormous. Corpse has a sizable cash flow from his music channel, CORPSE, in addition to his main channel.

CORPSE has 2.19 million subscribers and annual earnings of $133.8K – $2.1M, according to Social Blade. Surprisingly, he’s only uploaded about a half-dozen videos with over 100 million views.

As a result, YouTube is Corpse Husband’s primary source of revenue. It is also aided by merchandising and brand endorsements.

YouTube Earnings & Merchandise

Corpse Husband, the unidentified YouTuber, also makes money from merch and brand endorsements, as previously mentioned.

Corpse launched his line in December 2020, after years of ‘highly anticipated’ merchandise, and Twitter went crazy. In addition, Corpse Husband’s merchandise included limited-edition posters, beanies, face masks, hoodies, and other items.

Corpse’s site, unfortunately, received a lot of traffic, and his fans were already tweeting about the restock. As a result, it is self-evident that his massive merchant sale bolsters Corpse Husband’s net worth.

The prices of some of the Corpse merchandise are listed below.

  • Corpse husband Men’s/Women Premium T-shirt: $21.49
  • Kids Premium T-shirt: $17.49
  • Premium Hoodie: $35.99
  • Coffee mug: $14.99
  • Corpse Army- Men’s Long Sleeve T-Shirt: $23.99

Similarly, the unidentified YouTuber has a massive Instagram following of 3.3 million people. Corpse, on the other hand, is not seen making any sponsorship posts. His Instagram account has only seven posts, the most recent of which was on October 25, 2020.

A Promising Musical Career

As previously stated, Corpse Husband began his musical career in 2016, in addition to having a stellar YouTube career. He was featured on the Living Tombstone & Crusher P single “Grim Grinning Ghost.”

Miss You was Corpse’s debut single, and it was followed by White Tee. Both of his singles charted at number 31 and 32 on the Rock/Alt chart.

In September 2020, Corpse released the single E-Girls Are Ruining My Life, which featured Savage Ga$p. He also released another single, Agoraphobic, in October, which reached number 21 on the Billboard chart four months later.

In addition, Corpse worked on a film with Machine Gun Kelly, which will be released in 2021. As a result, his musical career must bring in a lot of money.

As previously stated, CORPSE, Corpse’s musical channel, is estimated to earn $133.8K – $2.1M per year.

As a result, Corpse Husband’s net worth is enormous and growing by the minute. Regrettably, he prefers to keep his true identity and whereabouts hidden. As a result, we have no idea if he owns any high-end cars or a villa.

However, given the lucrative amount of money that Corpse Husband, a 23-year-old YouTuber, earns, his life must be luxurious. Let’s hope his fortune continues to improve, with the possibility of a face reveal in the future.

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