Kevin Cuenca Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Ethnicity

Kevin Cuenca is a sports anchor and reporter who has won an Emmy. He earned a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Syracuse University and used his formal education to achieve professional success in the broadcast media. His interest in sports broadcasting began at a young age while watching SportsCenter.

Salary and Career

Kevin has spent more than 13 years on television since graduating. So far, he has covered the NBA Finals as well as the World Series. Kevin has traveled the world, reporting on stories from England, Australia, Germany, and the Philippines.

Kevin began his career as a member of the on-air team for many media outlets, including KABB, KRHD-TV, and KTVU, before landing his career-defining position at the news channel, CBC, in August 2015.

Today, he uses his unique ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds to pursue a career as a freelance sports anchor and reporter at CBS TV station in Los Angeles.

The CBS corporation must have rewarded him for his dedication and long-term commitment with a generous salary and several incentives.

Kevin Cuenca: Biography and Parents

Kevin was born in San Diego, California on July 29, 1982. As a result of his birthright, he is an American citizen. To this day, it is unknown what ethnicity he adopts from his parents.

He grew up, constantly reminding himself not to be like his father in any way. Motivated by his father’s alcoholism, he drank the last sip when he was 17 years old.

His parents’ divorce, when he was in seventh grade, had no effect on him or his brother, Scott Thom. Instead, it turned out to be a blessing in the unhappy household. Following the incident, his father concentrated solely on his alcohol problems and repairing his relationships with both of his sons.

Despite everything, Kevin will be eternally grateful to his father, who now lives in Thailand, for being a wonderful provider. Kevin now has a wonderful relationship with both of his parents and appears to have inherited his father’s height and good looks.

He occasionally posts pictures of his family on social media. Kevin and his brother surprised their mother with a party on her 70th birthday, adding another special memory that would last them a lifetime.

Relationship Status: Single?

When it comes to dating and private affairs, Kevin leads an untrustworthy life. The well-known host of Blue Checks and Passport Pros has never disclosed any information about his girlfriend or wife (in case he leads a married life).

In a few of his tweets, he mentioned his wife and girlfriend. However, only he can answer whether those terms meant anything or were simply used for the sake of tweeting.

Until then, his supporters and well-wishers can only speculate.

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