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Kelly Jo Bates is the matriarch of Bringing Up Bates, an UpTv reality family. The Bates family, which includes her husband, Gilvin Bates, and their expensive brood of nineteen children, has piqued the interest of TV viewers since they appeared on a 2012 episode of United Bates of America.

They returned with the new venture, Bringing Up Bates, after much appreciation and love. The series premiered on January 1, 2015, and the seventh season premiered successfully in January 2018.

Kelly, who has been the lady of the mega-household for almost her entire life, has a lot on her plate. However, her large family is shrinking over time, with several children leaving the house to pursue their careers or start their own families.

Kelly and her husband are now responsible for a much smaller tribe, with their youngest child approaching his ninth birthday.

Kelly Jo Bates Family: Sisters and Parents

Kelly, 52, was born on October 26, 1966, in the United States, as the youngest child of her late father, Kenneth H. Callaham, and her 75-year-old mother, Betty Jo Smith.

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Her parents had three children, Chip Callaham, Kay Mount, and Kim Adkins, in addition to Kelly. Chip saw out his days in 2012 for an unspecified reason.

Kelly had been the baby of the family for a long time, as her siblings had all married, had children, and some even had grandchildren.

Kelly appears to get along well with her sisters even today. She has some stepsisters in addition to her immediate sisters.

Kelly’s parents divorced sometime during her childhood, but they remained friendly for the rest of her life.

Betty remarried and had three children with her new husband. In addition, she and her husband adopted two more children, Beth Miller and Rebekah Miller, giving Kelly a slew of sisters.

Relationship Status: Single?

Kelly began her college career at Anderson University, where she met her future husband, Gilvin Bates.

Gilvin noticed Kelly right away, even though she was taking her time. It wasn’t until Gil needed assistance with his science and Kelly happened to be a lab assistant that she began to notice him.

The couple began dating and both were transferred to Carson-Newman College. Gil proposed marriage in 1987, and on December 19, 1987, they exchanged wedding vows.

For the first five years, the married couple had no intention of starting a family. Nonetheless, a month after their wedding, Kelly became pregnant, and their lives were turned upside down with a slew of children on the way.

Meanwhile, how the Bates support their family has been a frequently asked question by the public since they first appeared on television.

Gil’s family tree-cutting business used to be the Bates’ sole source of income. But, with their growing celebrity and reality show success, things have certainly changed.

However, the family’s net worth remains unknown.

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