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Spirituality is the purest manifestation of love. The depth of its height is infinite. Jason Silva, an incredibly talented TV personality and filmmaker, has pursued spirituality, which is a clear source of his happiness. His approach to his divine self has led him to become an outstanding speaker, storyteller, and futurist.

Jason Silva is also known as the host of the National Geographic Channel’s Emmy-nominated show Brain Games. The show is a worldwide success, with 171 countries broadcasting it.

Jason’s rise to fame is undoubtedly due to the show Brain Games, but his success has been accentuated by his more massive take on it. As a result, he is an inspirational figure who has spoken at various global events. TED Global, The Economist, Microsoft, Intel, Oracle, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and many others are among them.

One of his motivational factors is his support for gay marriage. In 2012, the man went public with his support for gay marriage, stating that “the government had no place trying to legislate love.”

His contributions to the advancement of people’s mentalities are incomparable to the wealth he has amassed through his work.

However, as a TV show host, the man allegedly earns an hourly wage of $9.62. His generous hourly wage has undoubtedly contributed to his substantial net worth.

Relationship Status: Single?

Jason Silva is content with his relationship with Rachel Rossitto. Since the end of 2018, the couple has been dating. Jason and Rachel started dating a few months after Rachel married and took a 6-month celibacy vow in April 2018.

Bryan Norcross’s Age, Birthday, Married, Wife, Divorce, and Gay The lady had previously been in a five-year relationship with her best friend. She struggled to recover from the affair. As a result, she ended up on a spiritual path for a while.

Rachel, on the other hand, has resumed living life to the fullest since meeting Jason. She is seen traveling around the world with Jason. Not only is Jason close to his family, but so is the lady.

Throughout the course of his show, Jason continues to travel and explore new places. Jason has been traveling with his girlfriend Rachel for several months, according to their social media.

Jason’s brother and father joined the couple on a short trip in May 2019. They all appeared to be enjoying each other’s company.

However, it is their spiritual connection that binds Jason and Rache together. They are both on the spiritual path and believe in the superiority of the divine being.

The connection between Jason and his girlfriends explains why they have a positive attitude toward love despite their 25-year age difference. They’ve formed a beautiful bond that makes the couple appear to be pure beings in love.

Their connection appears to be limited to a marital tie. Hopefully, Jason and Rachel will marry and become husband and wife to each other.

Jason Silva: Age and Family

Jason Silva, 37, is a well-known TV personality, filmmaker, and storyteller. His parents are Linda Mishkin and Luis Manuel Silva, and he was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Despite his Venezuelan roots, Jason has never publicly revealed his true ethnicity.

However, the man revealed in one of his interviews in 2014 that he grew up in a secular Jewish household.

Jason was raised in a family of five. He was one of his parents’ three children. He grew up with his brother Jorden and sister Paulina.

Jason received his education at the University of Miami, where he earned degrees in Philosophy and Film.

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