Interesting Facts About Tommy Gooding, Cuba Gooding Jr.’S Brother

One of the most well-known families in show business is the Gooding family. Cuba Gooding Sr. and Cuba Gooding Jr. are only two examples of the family’s involvement in the entertainment business.

Tommy Gooding, one of the four Gooding siblings, is a name that not many people are familiar with.

Tommy Gooding, sometimes known as Thomas, prefers to live a life free of media influence. Perhaps this explains why he rarely makes an appearance in public alongside his well-known siblings.

However, we’re going to lay out all the fascinating details you need to know about Tommy in this post. Learn more about Tommy’s personal and professional history, whereabouts right now, age, and other information!

Theodore Gooding Biography: Information On His Early Years, Parents, Ethnicity, And Education

In New York, New York, Thomas Gooding was born on June 3rd. He will be in his forties in 2022. He has Caribbean descent and is of African American ethnicity. Tommy is one of the famed performers Cuba Gooding Sr. and his wife Shirley Gooding’s four children. His late father was The Main Ingredient’s lead vocalist, a soul music group. At the unfortunate age of 72, he went away.

Along with his three brothers, Tommy spent the majority of his youth in the Bronx, New York. Unlike his siblings, Tom opted to represent the music industry rather than the acting industry. He has played in a few bands and is a bassist by trade.

Speaking of his schooling, he attended Five Towns College to study Music Performance.

Tommy’s siblings are well-known actors in the business.

He has one elder sister, April Gooding, one older brother, Cuba Gooding Jr., born January 2nd, 1968, and one younger brother, Omar Gooding, born October 9th, 1976. Awarded actor Cuba is known for his roles in Men of Honor, Boyz n the Hood, and Jerry Maguire, among other films.

Omar, on the other hand, is well-known for his roles in the television show Family Time, Smart Guy, and Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper. In addition, he performs as a rapper under the alias Big O. Moving forward, April is an actress in addition to being the oldest Gooding. She has appeared in the shows Night Into Day and Inappropriate Comedy.

Tommy clearly took a different path from his brothers and sister based on his job as a musician.

An overview of Tommy’s career: served as the band’s musical director while on tour with his father

When his father’s band went on tour, Tommy, a musician, frequently served as the band’s musical director. In addition, he plays bass and composes music. He has collaborated with a few bands, such as Circular Time, GQ, and JJ Sansavarino. Additionally, he works as a producer for Goodbrown Music.

Tommy has also been involved in the music industry for more than 20 years. He has a New York residence in East Islip.

He has never been a part of a band before because he typically works as a freelancer. Tommy has a background in acting and writing and has appeared in such films as Whatever It Takes: When Blood Runs Cold, Time, Okay?, and Human Resource.

Relationship with Tommy Gooding: Marriage and kids

Similar to his siblings, Tommy also enjoys a lovely married life. Since November 11th, 2019, he has been wed to Seydurah Avecmoi, his former lover. Before getting hitched, the couple dated for a few years. They first became engaged in 2018.

When we heard about his charming relationship, we tried to find out if they were parents, and it appears that they aren’t yet. On Facebook, though, Tommy’s wife Seydurah once posted a photo of her husband and a child without mentioning their relationship. Tommy himself hasn’t yet shared a photo of his child, if he has one.

Although Tommy doesn’t appear to be a biological parent, he certainly has a few nephews and nieces. He has a niece named Piper Gooding and two nephews named Mason and Spencer Gooding on his brother’s side. He has two nephews, Omar Dari Jr. and Miles Gooding, who are descended from Omar.

In addition, Tommy and his wife frequently post photos of themselves together on Facebook since they are so madly in love. Tommy is active on Instagram as well, where he posts affectionate images of his wife. Undoubtedly, the pair has a long road ahead of them.

Tommy Gooding’s Net Worth

He makes a respectable living as a musician, but it’s impossible to estimate his actual net worth. Nevertheless, we can confidently estimate his overall wealth to be close to $300,000. His brother Cuba has a huge net worth of $14 million, and Omar is worth about $2 million in addition to himself.

Additionally, their father Cuba Gooding Sr. amassed a staggering $42 million in wealth. Tommy certainly led a fairly opulent life being the son of one of the best R&B artists.

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