Helena Schneider, Rob Schneider Second Wife: Wiki, Age, Now

Helena Schneider is notable as the former wife of American comedian, Rob Schneider. Her ex-husband is one of the most famous comedy actors around.

Although Rob Schneider is pretty open about his personal life, there’s not much data regarding his second wife Helena.

As of now, Rob enjoys marital bliss with his third wife, Patricia Azarcoya, nevertheless, Helena Schneider’s existence is hidden from the public light. Her covert nature causes curiosity amongst many as to what is Helena doing now, and where is she.

Well, today let’s take a deeper look and find out some intriguing facts about her. We will also explore what was the reason for Helena and Rob Schneider’s divorce.

Where Is Rob Schneider’ Ex-Wife, Helena Schneider Now?

Since divorcing Helena, Rob moved on with his life, started a new family, and presently lives a content existence. Meanwhile, his ex-wife Helena is out of the spotlight.

When you marry a known celebrity, you too receive a lot of fame, be it good or negative. This exactly happened to Helena when she became Rob’s wife. However, after their divorce, she decided to live a dormant life.

There are several cases where a former celebrity spouse remained in the spotlight long after his/her separation. Many of them even achieve their form of fame and money, all owing to their celebrity partners.

Nevertheless, Helena doesn’t seem to be one of such people, considering how effective she has been in living without a spotlight. Her last public appearance was in 2005 when she appeared with her hubby and stepdaughter Elle at the movie’s premiere, Deuce Bigalow.

She was born in the United States. As for her age, she is in her late 30s. Though there’s not much news on her personal life, she used to live in Los Angeles while she was married to Rob. Since separating from him, her whereabouts are relatively unknown.

She is an American by nationality and belonged to the Caucasian ethnicity. Because she has kept herself out of the public, there’s no information accessible about her parents or siblings.

Helena Married Her Husband Rob When She Was In Her Early 20s In A Super-Secretive Wedding

The duo exchanged nuptials on October 1st, 2002, after dating for some time. The marriage was kept behind closed doors and not much was reported in the media. A few of the pair’s closest friends and relatives were in attendance.

Around the early 2000s, Rob had already become a great star because of his popular movies, Deuce Bigalow, The Animal, and The Hot Chick. However, he was still able to keep the ceremony under wraps.

The couple originally started dating in the early 2000s. Unfortunately, not many precise aspects of their relationship are out in the media.

Rob Schneider Used To Talk About Helena A Lot In Interviews

Although the comedian barely ever talked about Helena, he used to reference her a lot during his interviews. Back when the movie Hot Chick originally came out, in an interview with Michigan Daily he stated how his recent marriage made him enthusiastic while shooting the 2002 flick. Well, he truly was head over heels for her, wasn’t he?!

Moreover, in a sitdown with an Australian magazine, Female, when asked if his marriage with Helena has somehow made him wise, he jested, “I don’t believe my wife would agree with that at all, but I would hope so.”

He also mentioned that he also tries his best to delight his wife. He remarked, “I sincerely try to please my wife but instead of gaining bonus points for that she says: Why do you try, why not just do it? You never figure it out, but if you’re LUCKY, you may remain dissatisfied with it your whole life.”

Helena Schneider And Rob Divorced Rather Quickly: Did He Cheat On Her?

After being married for only a couple of years the pair decided to call it quits. After the divorce petition, they legally separated in the year 2005. As for who filed for divorce, speculations claim Helena pulled the plug.

So about the time they divorced, Rob was also seeing his third and current wife, Patricia Azarcoya. Given how they started dating around the same time as Rob’s divorce, one can wonder if his relationship with Patricia was the reason behind his separation from Helena. Well, many tabloids think so.

Does Helena Share Any Kids With Rob?

The former flames do not share any kids between them. At the time of their marriage, Rob had already become a father. He and his first wife, London King welcomed their first and only child Elle King on July 3rd, 1989.

While Helena was in a marriage relationship with Rob, she adored being the stepmother to Elle. The three of them made a handful of appearances in public which suggests Helena was also close to her step-daughter.

After Divorcing Helena, Rob Married Patricia Azarcoya

Right after divorcing his second wife, Rob went on with the stunning TV producer, Patricia. After dating each other for a long time, they walked down the aisle on April 23rd, 2011. The ceremony took held in Beverly Hills. Just like his previous two marriages, this one too was a secret event.

After the wedding, Rob gave his formal statement and stated, “Our closest friends and family surrounded Patricia and me; it was the best day of my life.”

This was the third wedding for Rob. His first marriage was to the former American model, London King. They married on September 25th, 1988. Just a year later, they also welcomed their first and only child, Elle King. They divorced in the year 1990.

Rob Schneider Shares Two Kids With His Third Wife

From their married partnership, the couple became a parent to two gorgeous children. Patricia initially gave birth to a daughter, Miranda Scarlett Schneider, in 2012. Subsequently, a few years later in September 2016, they became the parent of another girl, Madeline Robbie Schneider.

As of now, Rob is relishing his private life. Initially, Rob didn’t have a great relationship with his oldest child, Elle. They were estranged for several years, however, they reconnected after Elle’s divorce in 2017.

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