All You Need To Know About Betty White’s Ex-Husband – Lane Allen!

Betty White was a great Hollywood actress with a career spanning more than 80 years in the American entertainment industry.

White is also known for being the first woman to write and perform in the sitcom Life with Elizabeth, which earned her the title of Honorary Mayor of Hollywood in 1955.

White began her performing career shortly after graduating from high school in 1939. She is a multi-talented comedian, author, and animal champion. She has been actively entertaining her admirers with her lovely performances since then, and it appeared that she would never stop.

Betty White, Del Moore’s on-screen wife in Life with Elizabeth, married three times in real life, to three separate men: Dick Barker, Lane Allen, and Allen Ludden. She promised not to marry again after the death of her last husband, Allen Ludden. Learn more about Betty White’s ex-husband, Lane Allen, who wanted her to give up her acting career and become a stay-at-home mom. Also, learn about his post-divorce life with Betty White.

Betty White’s Husband For the next two years

Betty White’s second husband, Lane Allen, was a lovely actress. After courting for some time, the former couple married on November 8, 1947. Lane and Betty White met while both pursued acting careers, according to Betty White’s book. The two fell madly in love and decided to marry soon after meeting one other.

For over two years, Lane Allen and Betty White had a happy marriage. However, they began to have problems in their marriage, which eventually led to their divorce on July 17, 1949.

Lane Allen was Betty White’s second spouse, as previously stated. Prior to Lane, she was married to Dick Barker for six months, from July 7, 1945, until December 18, 1945. Betty split up with Barker because she couldn’t keep up with him at his Belle Center Chicken Farm, according to numerous online sites.

Allen wanted Betty to leave the entertainment industry

Betty White always gave her all in her work as an actress in the United States of America. For the talented actress, her career was her top priority. Betty White’s second marriage, however, failed because her former husband, Allen, wanted her to stay at home and retire from acting.

Lane Allen, Betty White’s ex-husband, yearned for children with his then-wife and wanted her to raise them and be a stay-at-home parent. But that never came to pass. Betty chose to divorce Lane rather than abandon her acting career. Betty described the life of a business woman vs that of a homemaker in an interview with Intimate Portrait. White went on to say that she knew she wouldn’t be comfortable sitting at home because her job was such an important part of her life. Betty turned down her ex-husband Lane’s proposal to start a family.

Lane Allen worked as a talent agent, casting director, and actor in the film industry. Allen is known for his roles in movies such as Project UFO, Police Story, and Gemini Man. Allen has also appeared in television shows such as The Young and the Restless, Police Story, and others. Lane did not understand his ex-wife Betty’s passion for her business, despite the fact that he worked in the film industry himself. As a result, he and Betty’s lovely marriage ended in divorce.

Furthermore, Betty stated in an interview that she failed to be the kind of wife that her ex-husband, Lane, desired. After her divorce from Lane, White moved back in with her parents and resumed acting and performing. Betty had the opportunity to experience motherhood through her step-children from her third marriage with Allen Ludden, even though she did not have children of her own.

Lane Allen’s Love Life After Betty’s Divorce

Lane Allen, Betty White’s ex-husband, moved on with his life after their divorce. He met actress Randy Stuart, whom he married on June 25, 1954, while pursuing his career in the entertainment world. They had two children together, the names of whom are currently unknown to the public. Lane’s marriage to Stuart, sadly, also ended in divorce in 1968.

Lane Allen, Betty White’s ex-husband, remarried after his divorce from Randy Stuart. He married Ramona Eileen McKay on August 27, 1971, after falling in love with her. McKay stayed by Allan’s side till his death on August 5, 1995. Betty White, on the other hand, survived as Allen Ludden’s widow until her death on December 31, 2021.

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