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Tyler Perry’s sister is Yulanda Wilkins. So, I guess most of you have heard of Tyler. Tyler is a well-known actor in the United States. He also works as a director, producer, and screenwriter, in addition to being an actor.

Does Perry, Yulanda’s brother, have a wife?

Even though there isn’t much about Yulanda Wilkins on the Internet, her brother Tyler is a very rich man. Going back in time, the guy has been in a serious relationship with a woman named Gelila Bekele since 2009.

Since they’ve been together, it’s been almost ten years. Gelila is a woman who lives on her own and works as a model and a filmmaker. Also, the woman plays the part of a political activist.

Going back in time, they met for the first time at a Prince show in 2007. Even though they had been together for a long time, no one knows why the man did not marry the woman.

Tyler Perry, the brother of Yulanda Wilkins, told his former partner Gelila Bekele in an unusual way that he was going to be a dad.

Even though they haven’t tied the knot, they have a son named Aman Tyler Perry. After five years of marriage, their son was born. But do you know how the woman told her husband Perry this great news?

So, the woman Facetimed him and told him the positive pregnancy test results. The artist has also said that she is the only person for him because she is so great.

Quick Facts

Full Name Yulanda Wilkins
First Name Yulanda
Last Name Wilkins
Profession Celebrity Sister
Nationality American
Birth Country United States
Father Name Emmitt Perry, Sr.
Gender Identity Female
Sibilings Tyler Perry, Emmbre Perry, and Melva Porter

Why Tyler Separated With His Wife?

Has Tyler talked about this? If you didn’t know, the couple who was married for a long time has split up. The guy posted on social media that he is now single and looking forward to the next part of his life.

They are, however, parents, and even though they are no longer together, they have decided to stay good friends. Both of them want to be better than their son Aman. The musician then said that he would be the best dad and person. What more could we want?


Her father is Emmitt Perry, Sr., and her mother is Willie Maxine Perry. Yulanda Wilkins has two more brothers and a sister. Many of you know who Tyler Perry is.

His real name is Emmitt Perry Jr. He is one of the highest-paid people in the entertainment industry, so he must be good at what he does. Emmbre Perry comes next. He works in the same field as Tyler because he makes movies and acts in them.

The actor is known for his parts in the movies No More Games, Two Is Better Than One, and Every Family Has Problems. The last person on the list is her sister, Melva Porter. We don’t know much about her.

Tyler Had a Hard Childhood?

Tyler’s life was different than it is now. At the time, Tyler was a young man, and he was in a tough situation. In fact, he tried to kill himself once. Yes, you did hear right. He did the activity to avoid getting hit by his father.

When his mother saw this, she and Tyler went to church. He didn’t change his name until he was sixteen, when he became Tyler. And the reason for this was to keep him from being close to his real father.

Net Worth and Salary

Because Yulanda’s source of income could not be found, Tyler Perry, Yulanda’s brother, is thought to be worth $1 billion USD as of 2021.

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