Who is Monique Idlett? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Monique Idlett is well known as a woman making a good influence through her work in the entertainment and business worlds. She is an entrepreneur, investor, innovator, philanthropist, and multi-hyphenate.

Monique Idlett is well-known for her excellent work, but another facet of her that attracted a lot of attention was her love life. Idlett, who was wed to American musician Timbaland, made headlines in 2013 when she requested a divorce.

Monique Idlett’s Failed Marriage With Timbaland

Timbaland, also known as Timothy Zedd Mosley, was the philanthropist’s first husband.

Idlett requested a divorce from the American music producer in 2013, ending their five years of marriage. She asked, according to TMZ, that the music producer help with the children’s bills after their divorce.

Idlett and Timbaland dated for five years before getting hitched. After their marriage, they were gifted with a daughter named Reign. Idlett also has a son from a prior relationship, named Demetrius.

Idlett’s demand to split the costs of both children seemed fair to her because Timbaland regarded Demetrius as his son. Idlett sought that Timbaland contributes to child support for both of the kids through her divorce filing.

Additionally, she claimed costs for alimony, life insurance, summer camp, private school, and other things. She also begged Timbaland, who is owed millions of dollars in net worth, to help her pay her lawyer’s bill because her financial situation was precarious at the time.

Following her divorce, she reportedly demanded “rehabilitative alimony” and permanent alimony, which generated countless tabloid headlines.

After a year of filing for divorce, Idlett withdrew the case, and it appeared that the pair had resolved all of their concerns. But regrettably, their bond was short-lived, and in 2015, they returned to the courthouse.

Bio: Monique Idlett’s Personal Details

Idlett, who prides herself on her black origin, was born in Georgia in 1974. Her father struggled to raise her and her siblings because they came from an impoverished home.

Unfortunately, her father died when she was 19 and she was left in charge of looking after her siblings. Idlett was parenting her own child at the same time.

She overcame hardships and tribulations to rise to the top of the economic world in the country.

She started pursuing business after graduating from George Washington University. She started her work right after college, and at the age of 22, she landed a senior job at USA Today.

Later, after quickly rising to success, she became the owner of a marketing company, where she oversaw clients including Chris Cornell, Nelly Furtado, Kanye West, Verizon, Timbaland, etc. Idlett has amassed a substantial fortune in the millions of dollars thanks to her wildly successful profession.

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