Who is Taylour Paige? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

It is a natural gift to have multiple talents, each of which is just as important as the next. Taylour Paige, a former dancer who is now an actor, belongs to the same category of adaptability.

Taylour Paige excels at whatever she does, from her dance to her notable television appearances.

Taylour Paige’s Bio:

27 years old On October 5, 1990, in Santa Monica, California, Taylour Dominque Paige was given the name Taylour. She is of African-American descent and stands tall at 5 feet, 5 inches (1.65 meters).

Her black parents had two children, including Taylour. Travis is the name of her older brother. Despite being born in Santa Monica, she spent her childhood living with his family in the Los Angeles district of Inglewood.

The native American frequently discusses her parents and family on her social media accounts. On February 21, 2014, she tweeted that she was missing her dad a lot. This was one of those times.

Additionally, she also noted in a tweet on March 23, 2015, that she missed her family. She wished to have paint applied to her little, childlike face and to be up north with her family.

In addition, Taylour has three dots tattooed on her right shoulder, which stand in for her mother, brother, and herself.

Taylour enrolled in St. Bernard Catholic High School in Playa del Rey to further her education, and she eventually graduated in 2008. She also went to Loyola Marymount University to continue her education.

Taylour Paige’s Career, Net Worth

Paige was animated when dancing since she had been eager to demonstrate her dazzling steps since she was two years old. She then began her study at Katnap in Venice and furthered her dance career at Westside Ballet Academy.

From 2001 to 2009, Taylour performed with the Debbie Allen dance company. In addition, Paige danced prominently in the 2008 movie High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

The American sports drama series Hit the Floor in 2013 marked the debut of the California-born television actress as Ahsha Hayes. She also had a significant impact in 2016 with her one-episode presence on the medical drama series Grey’s Anatomy. With the help of the program, American actress Kelly McCreary has significantly increased her profile.

Taylour Paige unavoidably accrues a significant income from her excellent TV roles. Her real net worth hasn’t been revealed on social media, though.

Who Is Taylour Paige Dating?

According to online rumors, Taylour was perhaps dating Kyle, better known on Instagram as “neofresco,” at the time. It’s unclear whether she’s seeing him right now or not.

Kyle frequently appeared in Taylour’s Instagram posts between 2015 and 2016, looking like he was having a great time. On June 21, 2015, she posted a photo of Kyle posing next to an adorable dog on Instagram. In the meanwhile, Taylour tagged the photos “kids.”

On October 7, 2016, she was observed wishing Kyle a happy birthday on Instagram.

It’s unclear whether Kyle was or is her boyfriend based on the comments on her Instagram posts. It’s entirely possible that they are close pals.

Taylour Paige Broke Up With Partner?

Taylour Paige and her singer boyfriend, Mark Rodriguez, were living the dream four years ago. Even on social media, the couple flaunted their connection.

On Tuesday, December 2, Taylour tweeted that her lover had visited her lovely granny before she had an opportunity, and that she had missed it.

Up until 2014, when Taylour deleted all of her personal postings from her Instagram account, the social media uploads and posts persisted.

Mark was meant to be her future husband, so their relationship appeared to be going well. After they broke up, though, the moment had already passed.

It’s interesting to note that Taylour has been able to improve herself since the breakup because she’s already chosen her new spouse.

As of May 2019, Taylour is dating Jesse Williams, who is a “Grey’s Anatomy” actor. American actor, model, and activist Jesse are. He previously had a five-year marriage to Aryn Drake-Lee. Jesse and his ex-wife had two kids together until he divorced her in April 2017. He is still engaged in a divorce dispute with his ex-wife, who is demanding $200,000 in divorce fees.

Regarding Jesse’s connection with Taylour, it is unclear when they officially began dating. However, after they appeared together at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, rumors about their relationship began to circulate. The couple announced their romance on social media later in April 2019. Additionally, Taylour and Jesse were spotted holding hands at the New York City Ozwald Boateng Fashion Show.

When the pair appears on a public platform, they both seem to be very at ease with one another. We’re hoping this connection leads to marriage.

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