Who is Tanya Hyjazi? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Tanya Hyjazi is more well-known for her personal involvement with a well-known reality celebrity than for her abilities as a skilled chef. She made a brief cameo on the Pawn Stars because of her friendship with Austin Lee Russell, better known by his stage name Chumlee. Her participation in the performance generated a lot of media buzz. However many aspects of Tanya Hyazi’s life remain unknown to her fans.

Tanya Hyjazi Bio, Age

Tanya Hyjazi kept most of her facts private while sharing a considerable amount of attention from her romantic engagement with a TV star. She has kept her birthday and age a secret.

She enjoys both her American citizenship and Lebanese ethnicity. Tanya is a foodie at heart and is really fond of cakes, despite the fact that not much is known about her. Not only does this Lebanese beauty enjoy eating delectable meals, but she also enjoys making them. In Vegas, she works as a well-known chef at a Lebanese restaurant. Tanya enjoys fashion and tattoos in addition to cooking. She is a proponent of giving the greatest possible impression of herself.

Boyfriend, Married

Tanya Hyjazi may have broken many hearts before she became well-known, judging by her stunning appearance and elegant form. She just became well-known after dating Pawn Stars actor and reality TV sensation Chumlee. The 36-year-old Chumlee is renowned for his humor on the program. Tanya and Chumlee were very close, and it was revealed that Tanya even assisted Chumlee in losing 75 pounds in just one year. The girl can do miracles, for sure.

Many Pawn Star fans are aware that Tanya Hyjazi had a breast job in 2013, but some of them are unaware that Chumlee paid for it. Chumlee claimed in an interview that Tanya did not ask him to pay for the boob job and that she was quite thrilled about it. Tanya worked hard as a cook, he said, so he decided to pay for the surgery as Tanya’s birthday present since he had already earned the required sum in a short period of time.

Even though the couple remained together despite obstacles like weight reduction and breast jobs, their romance ended in 2016. Chumlee was detained in the same year for alleged drug use and sexual assault.

Chumlee, who spent more than ten years working for Pawn Stars, astonished everyone when he was arrested. Tanya and Chumlee’s other family members, to everyone’s astonishment, chose not to address the accusations, which made the fans ponder about Chumlee’s sinister secrets. Chumlee agreed to the allegations and was granted probation and three years of rehabilitation in exchange for his release from jail. The couple decided to call it quits after the arrest and the accusations caused them a lot of issues.

According to the information available, Tanya Hyjazi is not currently engaged and her partner has not been mentioned.

Tanya Hyjazi Net Worth

Tanya Hyjazi is a successful woman who makes a respectable living, despite having dated a TV personality. She works as a chef in a casino and is clearly skilled in what she does. Despite the fact that a chef in America makes an average income of $75,000, she is expected to make more money.

Although she and Chumlee had a combined net worth of $5 million, she has surely accumulated a respectable sum on her own given that she is in the prime of her profession.

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