Who is Tamerlane Phillips? Net Worth, Bio, Relationship, Nationality, Instagram, Height, Age

Who is Tamerlane Phillips?

Tamerlane Phillips is best recognized for being the son of The Mamas & The Papas’ iconic singer John Phillips. Phillips, unlike his family members, has avoided the music and acting industries, as well as public scrutiny.

John Phillips’ son has made a few cameo roles in movies over the years but has mainly avoided the limelight. He afterward became a student of an Indian guru and has since been on a spiritual journey.

Net Worth 2022/2023

Unlike his sister, Bijou, Tamerlane preferred to follow in his father’s footsteps rather than establish his own path. Over the years, he has, nonetheless, appeared in a few films. He appeared in a number of films, including Adam’s Truth, The Notorious #9, and Lower East Side Odyssey. Even though he didn’t continue performing, Phillips must have made a lot of money from his previous jobs.

Phillips was only in a few movies before vanishing from the public eye. Since the early 2000s, he has been on a spiritual path, following the religious guru Bhagawan Nityananda. The former actor has even produced a few songs on his spirituality. Tamerlane has managed to stay out of the spotlight for many years and now lives as an Indian Guru devotee.

Quick Facts

Quick Wikis
Birth Name Tamerlane Phillips
Nationality American
Profession Actor
Parents John Phillips and Geneviève Waïte
Sibling Bijou Phillips, Mackenzie Phillips, Chynna Phillips, and Jeffrey Phillips

Early Years

Tamerlane descended from the infamous Phillips family. He was born in 1971, the son of singer John Phillips and Geneviève Wate, who was his third wife. His mother, Geneviève, was a singer, actress, and model from South Africa who died on May 18, 2019. Tamerlane’s parents married in 1972 at the Golden Palace restaurant in Los Angeles. Tamerlane was born and raised in London, where his father was a heroin addict.

Bijou Phillips was born in 1980, the daughter of John and Tamerlane Phillips, and the two siblings spent a few years growing up together. Bijou was placed in foster care after her parents split in 1987, owing to their inability to care for their kids.

Michelle Phillips, John’s second wife, has tried to gain legal custody of his son Tamerlane in the past. She accused them of kidnapping children, but the matter is still pending. Later, Michelle reported that the issue had been resolved and Tamerlane had been sent to boarding school. All of these events happened when John Phillips’ son was still a young child, thus he had an unusual existence.

Is Tamerlane Phillips no longer alive?

Unlike many of John Phillips’ descendants, Tamerlane preferred to remain hidden from the public eye. At one of the family’s heritage locations, Tamerlane was declared dead. On the website, his death year is still recorded as 2001, when he was twenty-nine years old. This information, on the other hand, is false, and he is still alive and well.

While he is living his best life, he has had challenges since his mother, Genevieve, died in May of this year. Phillips’ father, John Phillips, died in 2001, shortly before his mother. The former actor had a close relationship with his parents, and their deaths must have had a huge impact on him and his life. It’s also easy to understand how the two dates could have been mixed up, considering the year of his father’s death and Tamerlane’s claimed death.

Tamerlane’s Relationships

Like the rest of his life, Tamerlane’s love life is shrouded in mystery. There is very little information available regarding any of his romantic relationships or partners. It’s commendable that he’s kept his personal life and details about his relationships out of the public eye.

Phillips has been embroiled in a number of scandals, despite not following in his father’s footsteps. His stepsister Mackenzie Phillips brought up their father’s incestuous connection, accusing him of raping her as an example.

The Phillips family has torn apart after the revelation, but Tamerlane’s account of the incident was widely criticized. He stated that he had no idea whether or not the claims were true, but that they astonished him.

Many mocked him for making so many statements regarding such a sensitive topic. In addition, he once proposed the acquisition of a $3.5 million condo in New York City.

Tamerlane Phillips: Some Facts

Tamerlane Phillips is the firstborn child of Geneviève Wate and John Phillips. Bijou Phillips, their daughter, was born to them.

His three step-siblings are Chynna Phillips, Mackenzie Phillips, and Jeffrey Phillips.

He has been following the Indian Guru Bhagawan Nityananda for more than a decade.

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