Who is Stephanie Sersen? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

At Deloitte, Stephanie Sersen oversees all tasks pertaining to finances as an Engagement Controller Manager.

Really gifted Stephanie Sersen is one of the most talented women who has worked in numerous occupations in various locations all over the world; for instance, she also held the position of financial project analyst at SunGard Availability Services.

But how is she so well-known in the media sector when her work has nothing to do with it?

Dating & Wedding Details With Husband

On the program, Stephanie said that she had dated a few men in the past and had enjoyed some committed relationships. However, because the guys she was dating were not really dedicated, her relationships did not survive for very long.

She made the decision to find love in the reality series Married At First Sight because she had watched it since she was a child and had complete faith in the creators. She was 35 years old, sick of dating, looking for a committed partner her age, and in the capable hands of the reality show cast, she did not mind being married to a complete stranger.

The president and owner of FutureForce, AJ Vollmoeller, got married to Stephanie Sersen. To discover love and be married like his wife, Stephanie Sersen, AJ also made an appearance on the program. Before they even knew each other’s names, they got married on the show and celebrated at the wedding reception!

After spending a lot of time together, Stephanie’s husband said that he was gradually falling in love with Stephanie. The couple got along well. Unlike the other casts, the pair stayed together. They are still together, which is amazing.

Stephanie Sersen Wiki: Age, Ethnicity

Stephanie Sersen is a private individual who dislikes having all of her information made public. She was forced to divulge some of the details to the media, nevertheless, after she made an appearance on the reality series Married At First Sight.

Currently 35 years old, Stephanie was born in the year 1984. She grew up in a loving household where her parents were deeply in love. Even on the show, Stephanie expressed her desire for a partner who could adore her in the same way that her father cherished her mother. Her birthday and ethnicity specifics are unknown.

It is known, however, that Stephanie was a very intelligent student who was always concerned with receiving a top-notch education, so it is not surprising that she developed into a career-oriented woman who spent a lot of time at the office. Since she is at the pinnacle of her career, she clearly enjoys her work greatly, and it pays well. Her annual pay at Deloitte is projected to be around $98K.

She received compensation for her participation in the reality show, which brought in more than $20K for her. She is anticipated to appear in additional films and reality TV series after her role in Married At First Sight.

Stephanie is a traveler as well and enjoys acquiring trinkets from various destinations, which is an interesting fact.

Stephanie and her husband serve as instances of how a typical love tale is not always necessary. Before meeting him, Stephanie had no clue she would be married. But she now frequently shares photos of AJ and brags about their happy marriage on social media.

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