Who Is Rikkie Leigh Robertson? Her Relationship With A. B. Quintanilla

The famous musician A. B. Quintanilla, the elder brother of one of the finest singers Selena, is the ex-husband of Rikkie Leigh Robertson.

Before peacefully divorcing, a former couple of Rikkie Leigh Robertson stayed together for around a year.

Rikkie is also a promising model by trade. Over the previous few years, she has already worked for a few modeling agencies.

Robertson has led a low-key life, nevertheless, since splitting from A.B. As a result, we will do our best in this post to learn everything there is to know about A.B. Quintanilla’s ex-wife. Zoom in now!

Rikkie Leigh Robertson’s age is unknown. The Story of Her Childhood

In Texas, Texas, on March 14, 1988, Rikkie was born. 33 is her age. The details of her parents and early years are still grounded. Together with her family, she was raised in her Texas hometown.

Robertson is an American citizen and a member of the Caucasian ethnic group.

Who Is Rikkie Leigh Robertson, Ex-Wife of A. B. Quintanilla?

Model Robertson is. She has so far worked for several reputable companies and agencies. However, she hasn’t yet provided any additional information regarding her career pursuits.

Quintanilla, her ex-husband, has established himself as a successful figure in several industries, including music production, songwriting, and more. He liked to sing and play guitar for his deceased sister Selena. A.B. contributed to several mega-hit singles for his sister, including “Como la Flor,” “Amor Prohibido,” and “No Me Queda Más.”

Quintanilla also collaborated with Selena on several albums, including “Mis Primeras Grabaciones,” “Entre a Mi Mundo,” and “Dreaming of You.” His ex-wife Rikkie also made an appearance on the song “Solo” from the album “Blanco y negro” in late 2012.

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In addition, the diverse musician has received various honors for his tireless efforts in the entertainment sector. Regional Mexican New Artist of the Year, Latin Grammy Awards, and Latin Billboard Music Awards are a few of them.

A. B. Quintanilla and Rikkie Leigh Robertson’s marriage fell apart.

The former couple started dating in the late 2000s, and they dated for more than two years before getting married. On November 12, 2011, Rikkie and her ex-boyfriend A.B. got married. They planned a small, private wedding in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Their relatives and friends came to celebrate with them on their special day. The bride chose a white dress with a modest black ribbon as her wedding attire.

While dating, AD Leigh and Quintanilla kept their relationships a secret. Throughout their brief marriage, they hardly appeared in public. At the Billboard Latin Music Awards event held at Bank United Center on April 26, 2012, the extinguished flames could be seen.

Is Selena’s brother still Rikkie Leigh Robertson’s husband?

Quintanilla and Rikkie were so content as lovers that they couldn’t continue to be so content as husband and wife. They divorced shortly after getting married, just over a year after saying “I do.” Quintanilla exclusively confirmed to PeopleEnEspanol in January 2013 that his marriage to Rikkie had ended. He said at the time that they had not been together for a few weeks.

“I haven’t [been with you] in two weeks. Officially, we are divorcing.

The musician discussed the circumstance and mentioned the tabloids,

It’s challenging for me. However, I am not alone since I have my parents, who I know to love me dearly, my sister Suzette, and my children, whom I adore. The gang, my family, is all around me. I have a lot of good things going on right now, so I need to stay optimistic.

The performer further said that any cheating or other betrayal did not influence their choice to part ways.

“No infidelity occurred. I had a wonderful year. I genuinely believed that our union would endure and that I would spend my entire life with [her].

It appears that the two parted ways amicably. Even some accounts claimed Rikkie and A.B. were still close friends.

In addition, the couple didn’t have any kids.

What is the current marital status of Rikkie Leigh Robertson? Who Is Her Husband Right Now?
Well, Rikkie stayed out of the spotlight for a while after divorcing her first husband, Quintanilla. She went a long period without publicly dating anyone. However, if we look through her Instagram photos, it is evident that she has been dating David Gonzalez for a while.

The pair are currently enjoying a happy marriage. On February 23, 2021, Rikkie and her husband David exchanged vows. This is certain because Rikkie specifically stated the date on her Facebook profile. On February 23, she also posted a photo of herself and her recently wed husband, David, with the remark, “The best anniversary gift we could have ever received! 23 February. 3 years of dating, 1 day of marriage. This is the article.

The same picture was also posted by Rikkie’s husband, who captioned it, “We did a thing and now I’m married to not only the woman of my dreams but my soulmate as well.”

She began dating her present husband on February 23, 2018, as Rikkie indicated. When asked how and when they initially met, the couple once said they did so in a tattoo parlor in the early 2010s. On July 4, 2018, David mentioned Rikkie in a post on Instagram with the caption “Love at first and last sight.” And Rikkie herself added in the comments underneath, “First sight? Which means, like, 6-7 years ago at the tattoo parlor?

She posted some of her images with her then-boyfriend on her Instagram on October 3, 2018, which she referred to as “national boyfriend day.” Alongside the photo, Rikkie wrote a lengthy text dedicated to her beau, stating how delighted and grateful she was to have a dream lover like him. Have a look:

Besides, talking about Rikkie Leigh Robertson’s present husband, David, who is a photographer. According to his Instagram account, he is a photographer at Ascending Photography. He is from Kingsville, Texas and he currently lives in Corpus Christi, Texas with his wife.

Husband’s Multiple Marriages

Despite his immense success in the music world, A. B. Quintanilla looks a little bit unlucky when it comes to his marriage. He went through three failed marriages. He first married Heather Grein and then tied the knot with Brenda Ramirez for the second time. His third wife was Rikkie.

But, Quintanilla is currently in a beautiful marriage relationship with his fourth wife Anjelah Orellano. The two exchanged their vows in Sept 2019, in Las Vegas. He also has eight children from his previous partnerships.

What Is Rikkie Leigh Robertson’s Net Worth?

Her net worth is $500,000 as of 2020. She has earned such big money from her modeling profession. On the other side, Rikkie’s ex-hubby Quintanilla has an estimated wealth of $5 million.

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