Who Is Rebecca Curci? All About Shawn Michaels’ Wife And Their Marriage

Rebecca Curci (aka Rebecca Curci Hickenbottom) is a former WCW employee who was a member of the dancing group The Nitro Girls, which performed on WCW Monday Nitro shows.

Rebecca is better known as the wife of Shawn Michaels, one of the most well-known wrestlers in history. Before his retirement, Michaels had been involved in countless classic feuds with numerous huge names including Hulk Hogan, Triple H, Rick Flair, and more.

However, Rebecca and her husband Shawn are currently enjoying their retirement life. They reside on their ranch in San Antonio, Texas. They also make scarce and infrequent appearances on television.

Let’s learn more about her career and personal life in the following article!

How old is Rebecca Curci? Her Childhood and Education

Curci is aged 48 as of 2022. On June 16, 1973, she was born in Tampa, Florida. Talking about her family details, some sources think that her mother was supposedly a nurse at the local hospital, whereas, her father was an English teacher at a high school. Rebecca also has a sister named Carol Siener, according to her Facebook page.

Shawn Michaels’ wife received her academic credentials from South San Antonio High School in San Antonio, Texas.

Her nationality is also American, and she is of Caucasian ethnicity.

What Is Shawn Michaels’ Wife Rebecca Curci Up To These Days?

As of 2022, the celebrity spouse is a stay-at-home parent who does not participate in any activities as part of her work. Curci, on the other hand, used to work in the wrestling profession as a member of the Nitro Girls dance troupe. They appeared on WCW Monday Nitro, a professional wrestling television show. And her stage name was Whisper, under which Curci performed in various episodes of the series from 1997 – 1998.

Rebecca married her husband, Shawn, the following year. The following year, she chose to end her contract with WCB. However, its president, Eric Bischoff, first refused to let her go. They finally reached a deal later on.

Meanwhile, Curci stated that she would not be working with anyone for the next three years. She went on to say that she would prefer to be a full-time mother to her children and assist her husband with his finances.

Shawn Michaels met his wife Rebecca in what way?

Wrestling legend Michaels first saw his future wife Rebecca on television in the late 1990s. She was a member of The Nitro Girls at the time. Ever since Shwan saw her on TV, he always would tune the TV every time only to watch her. He dubbed her “the most gorgeous, sexiest woman I had ever seen” in his book Heartbreak & Triumph.

Michaels never missed an episode of Nitro to see her after that. He also told one of his best friends, Rich Mizner, about the female. Mizner, who used to work at a gym in California, called Shawn a few weeks later to tell him that Rebecca and the other females from the show were around. At the same moment, Rich introduced himself to Curci and explained everything about his wrestler companion.

Curci soon agreed to offer Michaels a number without knowing anything about his fame in the WWE profession.

However, Shawn didn’t rush on to phone Rebecca but rather took his time to not leave an impression of a stalker. Wrestling for My Life, his novel, is about the same.

“I hesitated calling Rebecca because I felt like a stalker.”

Soon after, the WWE superstar decided to phone her, but she did not answer. In his book Heartbreak & Triumph, he stated,

“She returned my call that evening, and we talked for a couple of hours.”

He went on to say,

“We talked every night for the following two weeks. We didn’t get much sleep, and we would talk until four a.m. Then we’d get on the computer and e-mail back and forth. It was puppy love gone wild.”

They spent the next few weeks communicating by phone and e-mail. And they eventually met in person when Curci traveled from Atlanta to San Antonio, Texas to see him. Michaels fell in love with her the moment he laid eyes on her. After they spent a couple of days together, Rebecca made her move back to Atlanta.

They ran into each other again shortly after during Curci’s photoshoot. While both of them were at the airport, Michaels finally revealed his feelings for her. Rebecca also mentioned yet.

Shawn Michaels, is he still married to Rebecca?

Rebecca and her husband Shawn married on March 31, 1999. Their wedding took place at the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. They were married in front of only an Elvis impersonator.

The couple has been married for nearly two decades and their marriage is still going strong.

Rebecca’s ex-husband Shawn was previously married to Theresa Lynn Wood. Between 1988 and 1994, the couple was married.

Rebecca Curci is a mother of two children.

Rebecca became pregnant with her first child six weeks after marrying Shawn. On January 15, 2000, she gave birth to her son Cameron Hickenbottom. On August 19, 2014, she and her husband Michaels welcomed their second child, a daughter called Cheyenne Michelle Hickenbottom.

Curci currently resides with her family on a family ranch in San Antonio, Texas.

Rebecca’s husband Shawn was embroiled in a major WWE rivalry with his opponent Chris Jericho back in 2008. Everything started when the two were face to face inside the ring. Michaels, who was in the ring with his wife at the time, was meant to announce his retirement from WWE. But Chris wouldn’t let him go without being a part of the ring drama. Michaels then turned to face Chris and remarked,

“I’d like you to do me a favor…

I want you to go home, sit down with your wife and kids, look them in the eyes, and tell them that their father will never, ever be Shawn Michaels.”

Things became more complicated during their furious debate when Chris attempted to hit him. But Shawn ducked, and the punch landed squarely on his wife’s face.

Before the incident escalated, Rebecca calmed the atmosphere by asking, “Is this the best you have, Jericho?” to which everyone laughed.

How Much Money Does Rebecca Curci Have?

Rebecca, who stands 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m), has a net worth of $300,000 as of 2022. Meanwhile, her long-term partner has a net worth of $10 million.

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