Who Is Pretty Vee? Some Inside Story About Her Personal & Professional Life

A comedian, social media influencer, reality personality, and actress by the name of Pretty Vee, she is well-known for her humorous skits and silly dances.

She has over 5 million Instagram followers as a result of her humorous social media posts.

Her ability to crack jokes and her comedic timing on networking sites helped her advance through the ranks. She is also a fashion, beauty, and rapper expert.

In the writings that follow, learn more about Pretty Vee, including where she came from, how she became a businessman, her personal life, and more.

AD Pretty Vee Is A Native Of Florida Vena Excell, also known as Pretty Vee, was born in Miami, Florida, on October 12, 1991. Her parents are from Jamaica.

She previously claimed that either her mother or her background inspired all of the personas she creates. Vee, a lovely Libra, spent most of her childhood in South Carolina.

Vee continued her college studies at Saint Augustine’s University in Raleigh, North Carolina after she and her family later moved there.

She has two siblings, who were all probably brought up by a single mother. Although Vee’s family didn’t have much when she was growing up, she said in an interview that they were all very close.

Her mother used to relocate due to her work; today, she is a preacher, educator, counselor, and motivational speaker. Vena enjoys sharing pictures of her family on social media, but she hasn’t yet made it apparent who her parents are.

Pretty Vee Appeared On “Wild ‘N Out” with Nick Canon

Vee launched her radio career while attending college by hosting her program, Lounge 22. She had previously worked for the Marriott Hotel but eventually lost her position for an unknown cause. sacked.

Before securing a position as an on-air personality at 107.9 The Link in Charlotte, Vee began her career in media as an intern at Atlanta’s V-103.

The singer/actress B Simone once took part in the game show Hip Hop Squares. After excell rose to prominence on Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out, people began to recognize her as Pretty Vee.

She is a reality television celebrity as well, having participated in the 2019 season of “Girls Cruise.”

Vee and Queen Naija collaborated on the song Bitter Skit in 2020. On her YouTube account, Pretty Vee TV, in September of the same year, Pretty also debuted her first official music video, titled Booty Squeeze.

She is a prosperous businesswoman as well.

Vee, who also works in the entertainment industry, has launched Pretty Vee Electronics through the Citi Trends retail clothing chain.

She is a businesswoman who founded her electronics and beauty brand with Citi Trends.

Pretty Vee, a comedian, and social media sensation is a businessperson as well.

Pretty Vee is a rapper and comedian who also has her own electronics and cosmetic product business.

In June 2020, Vee discussed her business endeavors with Hype Hair.

“The trip has been amazing; sleepless nights and overthinking, and at times, I’ve wondered if my creativity and what I’m doing will be successful and come true.”

The social media sensation, who was born in Miami, continued by expressing her gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity. She also thinks that she benefited from the restless nights she had.

Her Pretty Vee electronics and beauty line is available in more than 570 outlets and 33 US States.

I enjoyed serving as the firm’s brand ambassador for almost a year because it was a company I was familiar with growing up.

The rapper/comedian spoke about her early attempts at running a business.

She began her career with Citi Trends as a brand ambassador for over a year, and after that, she says she loved doing it because it was a company she was extremely familiar with growing up.

After some time, she was given a chance to pitch her goods, and as a result, she developed the Pretty Vee electronic and beauty collection.

She comes from a long line of business owners, and she plans to keep pursuing her goals while motivating the young people who have been among her biggest supporters.

A music video featured Pretty Vee as well.

Vee is interested in performing as she works to establish herself in the business and entertainment worlds. She has studied acting and film.

Given that, one could assume Vee is eager about her upcoming endeavors and keeps working hard in her area of comedy. She always seems eager to develop her skills in further areas of the entertainment business.

In Polo G’s Martin & Gina music video, Pretty Vee also played the desired part of Gina. The wistful film from director Reel Goats pays tribute to the ’90s and the notorious Martin set, a time and a Black American cultural mainstay that has linked families for decades.

Additionally, she has graced the cover of Hype Hair. Her acting credits include the roles of Desi and Vee Valentine, a 2021 short film, and Living My Best Life, a full-length film. She appeared in the film American Gangster Presents Big 50 – The Delrhonda Hood Story the same year.

She Had A Boyfriend.

Vee is quite open to reveal her private life on social media, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. However, the former reality star has yet to show even a little portion of her dating life.

But according to certain sources, she formerly had a romantic relationship with a chef. He goes by the Instagram username timtboe even though she never said his name.

It seems that Pretty Vee had a boyfriend.

According to rumors, Pretty Vee dated a chef with Instagram handle time. Source: Ad on Instagram
Although neither the chef nor the former North Carolina resident spoke about their relationship, a social media post from November 2018 showed the purported pair posing side by side. And there was a couple-like tension between the two.

The picture also had the caption,

I’ll drop everything for you, bae, I swear to you, @YesImPrettyVee.

Written by Pretty Vee’s rumored boyfriend at the time.

However, Pretty’s Instagram has now removed the image. On the other hand, the post is still up on Timtboe’s. In any case, based on her most recent moblog, Vee appears to be largely unmarried and has chosen to support herself independently.

Pretty made an appearance on a song from Rick Ross’ then-new album, Richer Than I Have Ever Been, in December 2021. What was intriguing, though, were the rumors that Vee was frequently seen at Ross’ estate at the time, which caused many people to think the two were dating. However, it hasn’t been verified yet.

Pretty Vee Salary

There is no specific figure listed next to Vee’s net worth. Yet she has consistently been claimed to be a millionaire. Or at the very least, someone who owns a seven-figure business.

Her revenue comes from sources other than her line of electronics and cosmetics. When evaluating the extent of what she might be pulling, sponsorship agreements and sponsored promotions should also be taken into account.

Given her extravagant lifestyle, which she occasionally flaunts on social media, it should go without saying that her net worth is probably in the hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions of dollars range.

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