Rick Ness Cocaine Nose Journey, Disappearance, and Return to Gold Rush

Rick Ness, a prominent character in mining entertainment, has been the talk of the town since his unexpected departure from the TV show Gold Rush. Fans were not only perplexed by his absence in the 13th season, but they were also extremely concerned about his health. This abrupt retreat from the spotlight on September 30, 2023, sparked a flurry of theories and rumors, particularly about the health of his nose, dubbed the “cocaine nose.”

Many people are wondering if Rick Ness’s absence is solely for his mental health or if there is more to the story.

Quick Info Rick Ness Cocaine Nose

Topic Details
Rick Ness’s Disappearance Absent from Gold Rush’s 13th season due to personal reasons and mental well-being.
Cocaine Nose Rumors Speculations arose from platforms like Reddit and X, hinting at a potential addiction. (Update: He admitted doing cocaine on camera)
Physical Altercations Rumors suggest Rick’s nose might have met with heavy knuckles.
Rick’s Exit from Gold Rush Left in Season 13 due to personal reasons intertwined with his mental health.
Coping Mechanisms Rick sought solace in drugs during his challenging times.
Nose Job Speculations Fans speculate about Rick undergoing a nose job upon his return to Gold Rush.
Return to Gold Rush Despite the rumors, Rick Ness is back on the Discovery TV show Gold Rush.

Rick Ness’s Year-Long Break

Rick Ness opted to emphasize himself after becoming a pivotal character in the Gold Rush. He took a year off from his bustling life and the bright lights of television fame.

This break allowed him to not only reflect but also recover from the losses and struggles he had encountered over the years.

The Cocaine Nose Rumors Rick Ness’ Nose Speculation

Everyone is intrigued by the mystery surrounding Rick Ness’ nose. Many of the 617 votes cast on his prospective return to mining in 2024 mentioned a “cocaine nose,” implying he may have been battling addiction for years.

Rumors, particularly on forums such as Reddit and X (previously known as Twitter), reinforced these speculations.

The History of the Nose

While the phrase “cocaine nose” has gained popularity, many people believe Rick’s nose reveals stories about physical experiences. Comments suggest that the miner’s nose may have come into contact with some heavy knuckles, implying possible brawls or physical conflicts.

The exit of Rick Ness from Gold Rush

Rick Ness left Gold Rush after Season 13. This was not a purely cosmetic decision. Rick took a step back for personal reasons that were closely linked with his mental health and personal issues.

Depression and Coping Mechanisms

Rick’s life was not always gleaming gold. He had moments when he felt like he was drowning in misery. Unfortunately, he turned to narcotics for relief from his overwhelming feelings.

Even off-screen, this descent into darkness highlighted the great strain and struggles he faced.

Rick Ness’ Nose Distinguishing Fact from Fiction

Rick’s return to the Discovery TV show Gold Rush raised questions about his physical appearance, particularly his nose. Rumors of a possible nose job began to circulate.

However, for the time being, the reality behind these rumors remains a mystery.


Rick Ness’s journey is full of ups and downs. From his stratospheric rise in Gold Rush to his abrupt leave and the accompanying accusations about his “cocaine nose,” fans have been taken on a wild rollercoaster. As he returns to the spotlight, the mystery surrounding his nose and personal struggles persists, leaving fans anxious for more information.


Q: Did Rick Ness fracture his nose?

A: There has been no official confirmation of Rick breaking his nose.

Q: What caused Rick Ness to leave the Gold Rush?

A: Rick chose to prioritize his mental health and took a break to deal with personal issues.

Q: Has Rick Ness confessed to using drugs?

A: Despite speculations, Rick’s direct admission or denial of drug use is not publicly known.

Q: Did Rick Ness get a nose job?

A: Rumors abound, but there is no verifiable information on Rick having a nose job.

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