Who is Payson Schnabel? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

His gold mine company’s project engineer is Payson Schnabel. He frequently appears in the Gold Rush television series on Discovery. Many people also recognize Payson as the lone sibling of Gold Rush actor Parker Schnabel.

Payson Schnabel Married, Girlfriend

Regarding Payson’s romantic life, there isn’t much to report. Payson Schnabel dislikes disclosing the specifics of his relationships with secret girlfriends.

It’s not very beneficial that he never expresses his love side on his social media platforms. Hence, there may be a number of options. Payson might be unmarried or perhaps happy in his marriage to his unidentified wife.

If he has engaged in extramarital relationships, he has done a great job of keeping the relationship private. His silence over his unidentified girlfriends has led to many assumptions that he is gay. The LGBT rumors haven’t been addressed by Payson, though.

He makes the decision to keep discussions about his potential marital status with a wife out of his business life. Parker, his younger brother, is always transparent about his life, nevertheless. He had dated Ashley Youle in the past, and there were subsequently allegations that he was seeing Sheena Cowell.

Payson keeps every aspect a secret, in contrast to Parker, and he might soon find the love of his life.


The home where Payson was raised was on a laydown yard for his father’s construction business. He liked to play around with the tools when he was younger and quickly learned how to utilize them. Payson eventually began to comprehend the building company’s operational procedures.

Parker, however, made the decision to begin a career in gold mining. On the other side, Payson made the decision to continue the family business. He eventually accepted the position of Big Nuggets Mine’s property manager.

Payson didn’t initially take to the mining and construction industries. Yet with time, he learned how the business was assisting him in honing his management abilities. Soon after, Payson left for Alaska to start his construction company.

Along with helping with construction, Payson also made an appearance in the episode “Road to Gold” to carry out his grandfather’s dying request. The documentary about Payson’s grandfather and his final desire for Smith Creek Hill mining was the subject of the show.

His wealth is not publicly known. It is known that he works as a construction engineer and makes an average salary of $73k.

Payson Schnabel’s Wiki-Bio

Parker Schnabel is Payson’s only sibling, and they were raised in Porcupine Creek, Alaska. He was born to Roger and Nancy Schnabel, according to his wiki. One of the youngest men to become a successful gold miner is his brother Parker. Yet there is no doubt that he has an $8 million net worth.

He currently lives in Alaska and travels home to see his family. He does not, however, reveal much of his personal life to the outside public and keeps it mostly under wraps. Also, he rarely utilizes and posts images on social media.

John Schnabel and Erma Schnabel, Payson’s grandparents, formerly managed the Big Nugget family gold mine. But regrettably, his grandfather, who was 96 years old, passed away in March 2016. Payson and his brother have a close relationship with their grandfather; getting over the loss was difficult for both of them.

Parker, who had always looked on their grandfather for comfort, struggled after his grandfather passed away. That went well, and even four or five of the lads showed up there, which meant a lot to his family, for their grandfather’s burial. He posts about missing his grandfather even on the day of his grandfather’s birthday.

Covering up the loss of a close family member or friend is depressing.

Haines High School served as Payson’s educational institution. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management and Business Administration from Northern Arizona University.

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