Who Is Nick Bare? Is He Married? Full Bio With Career, Net Worth

The company Bare Performance Nutrition, run by Nick Bare, offers performance programs, diet regimens, and supplements to athletes of all stripes.

Nick Bare has a company that has a particularly strong track record of success in the health, wellness, and fitness industries.

Nick Bare is an accomplished business development specialist who has served in the US Army. He is also an athlete, author, influencer, and expert in weight training. Nick began his military career as a First Lieutenant and Platoon Leader in the US Army. He is now well-known on YouTube.

View the complete account of how he got to be one of the fitness industry’s most recognizable faces. Find out about a former marine’s family life, including whether he is married and has kids.

Former military man Nick Bare

July 1990 saw the birth of Nick Bare. He was raised in a little Pennsylvania town.

In Western Pennsylvania, Bare attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania (2009 – 2013). Nick majored in nutrition while in college and enlisted in the military after graduation. He had been awarded a complete ROTC scholarship.

In the US army, Nick Bare was an infantry officer.

Former Indiana University of Pennsylvania student Nick Bare.

Bare joined the US Army as an infantry officer in Korea after graduating from college. He then completed many military training programs, including Ranger School and Airborne School, over the course of the following four years.

He then rose to the position of infantry platoon leader. Nevertheless, he failed several Ranger School phases.

The six-foot-tall nutritionist claims that he gained valuable leadership, ethics, and team-building skills while serving in the military, which he then applied to his business, Bare Performance Nutrition.

He was a distinguished military graduate as well as a Reserve Officer Training Corps member. He also finished a 150-mile ruck march while he was in the army to raise money for Hurricane Harvey victims.

The family includes several children besides Nick. Preston is the name of his other sibling. obviously, but has a wonderful relationship with him. He hopes that their relationship will always be the same.

While serving in the army, Nick Bare considered starting a fitness business.

He served in the military for four years, graduating from Ranger School and Airborne School, before deciding to start running marathons.

He made the decision to become an instructor and base his “Go One More” brand on it one day while training for a marathon by running 18 kilometers.

After taking out a $20k loan while still an Active Duty US Army Infantry Officer, he subsequently founded Bare Performance Nutrition.

While still a college student, Nick Bare founded Bare Performance Nutrition in 2012.

The CEO and founder of Bare Performance Nutrition are Nick Bare.

In 2012, Nick Bare started Bare Performance Nutrition in his modest dorm. However, he now works primarily from Round Rock, Texas. 25 Hours a Day – Going One More To Get What You Want is another book by Bare.

His supporters frequently address him as “the Ironman.” He occasionally helps many different types of athletes with their mental problems. He’s recently been interested in endurance and CrossFit training.

He talks about his current objectives, which include studying Olympic lifting, implementing it into his regimen, and taking part in Crossfit competitions. The fitness instructor occasionally still takes part in several statewide marathons.

Nick is a husband.

In October 2020, Nick wed Stefany Banda, a native of Michigan. The bride’s home state Plantera Conservatory served as the venue for their wedding.

AD Bare and Banda supposedly began dating in the final months of 2017. His wife Stefany was born and reared in the Midwest. She was born in Michigan and has subsequently relocated a bit farther south.

In October 2020, Nick Bare wed Stefany Banda.

Nick Bare is expecting a daughter with his wife Stefany Banda, a native of Michigan.

Ms. Bare is a Michigan State University alumna. When they were in their mid-twenties, Nick and Stefany met in Nashville, Tennessee.

Ryder and Remi, their two doodles, live with the couple in Austin, Texas. Bare and his wife are currently expecting their first child, a daughter, in July 2022.

Nick Bare battled anorexia while still a teenager.

While Nick now enjoys widespread fame for his fitness guidance, he himself struggled with serious physical health problems at the time.

Due to his awful eating disorder in his adolescent years, the future entrepreneur often felt too frail. Fortunately, Nick overcame his awful eating disorder as he grew older, resulting in a stronger physique and a successful career in fitness.

Nick frequently states his fitness journey started as a young adolescent, recovering from an eating disorder and shifting himself to focus on being a better and happier person.

While talking to Train Mag in Feb 2020, he stated that anorexia began during his freshman year of high school. He immediately recognized that he needed to limit his nutritional intake. Bare started by exercising more and slowly lowering the size of the meals.

The would-be marine stated while he was never “overweight” growing up and grew up in an athletic home, he developed an obsession to regulate his diet and exercise. At his extreme, he said, he used to consume fewer than 500 calories daily and exercised after school at night.

The Infantry Officer stated he created an obsession with reducing weight as fast as possible – all at the risk of his health as his body was expanding.

What Anorexia Did To Him And How He Got Cured Of It?

He claimed his illness originally harmed him mentally more than physically. Shortly later, his body started progressively shutting down. Eventually, his parents took him to the physicians to find out the explanation behind his exhausted, weight loss, and looking sick.

The physicians approached him and he recognized what he had been doing. Although healing wasn’t fast, Bare claims he finally was conscious of what he was doing to himself. He then focused completely on eating to put weight back on.

It took some ages for him to start eating normal amounts again. He claims the healing process was what pushed him to get a degree in nutrition and join the military.

Nick Bare Net Worth

His company, Bare Performance Nutrition when last reported was sitting at roughly $6 million a year in revenue.

He himself has, however, revealed that Bare Performance Nutrition is an empire worth over 8 figures. A year after the launch of his company, he announced to Forbes that his revenue went on to expand by 750%.

Nick company started to create more money than planned after a year of the launch date.

Nick Bare believes his company is pulling in revenue in eight figures.

Nick once on one of his podcast’s episodes claimed his objective is to reach $100M.

Although, for the time being, it may sound like a lofty aim, Stefany’s husband with his ever-growing reach and fame is proving year by year that it’s more than achievable.

In Sep 2017, an 8-figure founder Noah Kagan said Nick at the time was making 100,000+ every month.

He also has a brand of hoodies and sweatshirts again all adding to his expanding income.

Despite all the data and metrics, there still lacks a denomination to his net worth. It nonetheless shouldn’t be that controversial to construe the 31-year-old as already a millionaire.

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